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Brian Michael Bendis' first story for DC Comics has been revealed, and it will take place amidst a major milestone for the publisher. Marvel Comics has had a number of shakeups recently, gaining a new Editor-In-Cheif while also losing some major writing talent. Jim Starlin cut ties with Marvel after one of many issues the Thanos creator has had with the company. After an earlier spat, things seemed to clear up with writer penning a new Thanos story and Starlin appearing on the Avengers: Infinity War set with the Russo Brothers.

More amicable than the Starlin split was news that Brian Michael Bendis is moving to DC Comics. The writer will work exclusively with Marvel's rival after penning some of their biggest stories and characters. Aside from runs on multiple Avengers and X-Men comics, Bendis is likely best known for creating Jessica Jones and Miles Morales, as well as returning Carol Danvers, Luke Cage, and Spider-Woman to prominence. Bendis is still currently wrapping up a number of titles for Marvel, but now we finally know his first story for DC.

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ComicBook is reporting that the first work Bendis will do for DC Comics will be a backup story in Action Comics #1000 with art by DC icon Jim Lee. The main book will be a celebration of 80 years of Superman and the milestone that is a major superhero comic hitting issue #1000 for the first time. Along with work from Action Comics writer Dan Jurgens and Superman team Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, Bendis' story will come amidst the sprawling celebration of the Man of Steel's legacy.

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Given Bendis' high-profile work with the Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man, his joining a Superman story is hardly suprising. In fact, some have theorized he'll take over for the Man of Steel following Action Comics #1000. While fans wait to learn what the future holds for Bendis, DC will accompany the historic issue with a hardcover collection dubbed Action Comics #1000: 80 Years of Superman. The tome will be comprised of 300 pages of new and classic content and will carry a price tag of $29.99.

In the meantime, Bendis is currently finding ways to wrap up his years of work with Marvel. A few surprises are likely in store for fans, but the writer's big story right now is Spider-Man II, which involves the Earth-616 version of Miles Morales and a team-up between the two Spider-Men. In fact, the most recent issue of the book saw the return of the Ultimate Universe to Marvel Comics. Kicked off in 2000, the imprint was designed to bring new readers into comics with a fresh continuity and Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man was a big part of that. It was that very book that brought Miles to life and the death and rebirth of the universe have played out across Secret Wars and Ultimates 2 in recent years.

The loss of Bendis, as well as Starlin, will be bittersweet for Marvel, but the writer leaves behind a number of legacies that continue to play out in comics and beyond. Now, he'll have the chance to bring the same skills to DC Comics and there's a good chance Superman will see some big changes as a result.

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Source: ComicBook

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