Rumor: Michael Bay & Ryan Reynolds' Netflix Project Is A Secret ThunderCats Movie [Updated]

Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds are working on a Netflix film titled Six Underground, but a new rumor indicates it may be a secret ThunderCats movie.

Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds are working on a Netflix film titled Six Underground, but a new rumor indicates it may be a secret ThunderCats movie. Bay has been attached to direct Six Underground since the project was announced earlier this year. Little is known about the movie, but it has a script from Deadpool 1 and 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and the cast includes a number of high profile names. Ryan Reynolds is set to star in Six Underground alongside Dave Franco, Mélanie Laurent, Ben Hardy, Corey Hawkins, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Adria Arjona.

When Reynolds joined the project, it was revealed that the script revolves around six billionaires who fake their deaths, then form a team to battle evil. Six Underground is set to be released by Netflix with an eye toward launching a franchise. That desire is reflected in the budget for Six Underground, which is reportedly set at $150 million. While Bay's involvement, Reynolds as the star and the script from Reese and Wernick are enough to get fans excited, a new rumor indicates Six Underground may be something slightly different - an adaptation of a popular '80s cartoon series.

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IGN Middle East is reporting that Six Underground is actually a ThunderCats movie directed by Bay and starring Reynolds that will release on Netflix. According to a source close to the production - which is reportedly set to film in Abu Dhabi, UAE in November - the movie is an adaptation of the beloved property and the title Six Underground, along with the revealed premise, are meant to avoid leaks about this secretive project. Nothing else about the movie was revealed, including which characters each of the actors is playing or any plot details.

UPDATE: In a post on Instagram, Michael Bay confirmed Six Underground is currently filming in Florence, Italy. The photo features someone (perhaps Reynolds) scaling down the dome of The Duomo at the Florence Cathedral. Take a look:

Though this rumor should be taken with a major grain of salt, it should be noted that IGN Middle East revealed the information comes from the same source that claimed Simon Pegg had been cast in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, which ultimately turned out to be true. Further, Bay has been attached to a possible ThunderCats movie since 2012, which lends some credence to this rumor.

With that said though, certain aspects of IGN Middle East's report conflict a bit with other reports about production on Six Underground. The GWW reported in July that Six Underground would start filming in August and would shoot in Los Angeles, California and Rome, Italy. Since we know that's the case thanks to Bay's Instagram, it somewhat conflicts with IGN Middle East's report that the movie will film later this year in Abu Dhabi. However, it's entirely possible the project will film across all three locations and through to November.

Further, Bay's ThunderCats movie was originally in the works at Warner Bros., and it's unclear why the director would move the project to Netflix. It's also unclear why the streaming service would give Bay a massive $150 million budget for a secret ThunderCats movie. Netflix is known for their secrecy, only unveiling some movies or TV shows just before their release - like the surprise announcement and debut of The Cloverfield Paradox. But with as big of an undertaking as Six Underground seems to be, keeping its actual plot a secret could prove to be risk. Plus, considering how much excitement they could generate by announcing a ThunderCats movie, it's odd that Netflix would keep it a secret. For now, we'll have to wait for official word from Netflix, Bay or Reynolds to see if Six Underground is really a secret ThunderCats movie.

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Source: IGN Middle East

Update source: Michael Bay/Instagram

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