Michael Bay Producing Action Flick 'Heatseekers'

Michael Bay may have Transformers 3, the teen alien film I Am Number Four and the hitman film Fiasco Heights on his slate (and that's not to mention the movies that are listed as "In Development"), but that doesn't stop him from seeking out more projects to lend his producing talents to. The latest is an original action flick entitled Heatseekers.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news about Heatseekers, which is written by rookie scribe George Mahaffey. Bay is handling the project through his production company Platinum Dunes (that's the company responsible for all those horror movie reboots and remakes), which acquired the script in a deal worth six-figures. Platinum struck a deal with Paramount last year to make smaller budget genre films, which it looks like Heatseekers falls under.

If you're wondering what Heatseekers is about, THR has the plot as follows:

"'Heatseekers" follows a young ex-military pilot who infiltrates a gang of aerial "pirates" working out of Bangkok and takes part in an elaborate tower heist using powered gliders and parachutes."

Sounds like an appropriately over-the-top action film for Bay to sink his producing teeth into. The project is described as in the mould of Point Break and Fast & Furious. I guess that means more muscles and fast-paced action sequences than sensibility,  a la most of Bay's directorial work. Speaking of which, the news report is clear to point out that Bay isn't attached to direct Heatseekers (I'm guessing he wants to focus his directorial efforts on Transformers 3, which is starting pre-shoots next month).

Do you like the sound of Heatseekers? Does Michael Bay producing it make you look forward to it more or less than you would otherwise?

No word on when Heatseekers will start shooting or when we will see it in theaters. Stay tuned.

Source: THR via Latino Review

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