Michael Bay Producing Horror Film Meet Jimmy, About an Evil Podcast

Michael Bay will be producing a new horror film titled Meet Jimmy. which revolves around an evil podcast that kills its listeners. The film is based on a short film directed by David-Jan Bronsgeest. that was premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival.

Meet Jimmy will be the latest horror short turned feature-length film. Films like Lights Out, The Babadook, Mama, Oculus, and Trick ‘r Treat all spawned from horror shorts that were made prior to the feature film's creation. The plot sounds a lot like The Ring, which revolves around a cursed video that kills its viewers within a week of watching it. While The Ring series revolves around the ghost of a young girl named Samara Morgan, Meet Jimmy is about a serial killer named Jimmy TwoFingers who uses his two fingers to gag and suffocate his victims.

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As first reported by Deadline, Paramount recently landed the rights to make a Meet Jimmy feature film, which will be produced by Michael Bay and others from Platinum Dunes and The Picture Company. The film is said to be comparable to the aforementioned The Ring and A Nightmare on Elm Street with a "zeitgeist hook". Deadline also reports that Paramount is looking to turn Meet Jimmy into a franchise. Bronsgeest will return to the director's chair for the full-length film, and the original film's writer Tim Koomen will also return to write the script - and co-produce the film - alongside Shawn and Michael Rasmussen.

The Ring horror movie

Michael Bay may be known for directing action-packed blockbusters with tons of explosions, but he's already produced horror films like The PurgeOuija, and A Quiet Place. When it comes to horror, Paramount is mostly known for the Friday the 13th film series. Even though Paramount was planning on making a reboot to that popular horror franchise, the rights to Jason have since gone back to New Line Cinema since the most recent attempt at a new film was canceled in 2017. In short, Paramount needs a popular horror series, and Meet Jimmy might be the answer if this first film does well.

Horror had a good year in 2017, with successful films such as IT and Get Out. 2018 seems to be continuing that trend with A Quiet Place and HereditaryWith the success of these horror films, it shouldn't come as a surprise to movie studios that the horror genre can be a lucrative one, at least if the right stories are made with the right people. If all goes according to plan, Jimmy TwoFingers could be Paramount's next big horror icon.

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Source: Deadline

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