Michael Bay Producing New Alien Abduction Film

It seems that mega-producer and director Michael Bay can't get enough of aliens, as he's added yet another alien-related project to his slate.

As Heat Vision reports, the project doesn't have an official title but is being referred to as the "Confidential Alien Project." It's based on an original pitch by former production assistant and newcomer writer, Bobby Glickert.

Although it's looking like a more experienced writer will handle the actual script (Paramount is currently looking for writers), Glickert went so far as to cut together a two-minute teaser, which attracted and impressed Bay's company, Platinum Dunes.

As you can probably tell from the name, the specific plot of this "Confidential Alien Project" is being kept secret for the time being, but it is said to involve alien abductions. Bay will produce the project along with his Platinum Dunes partners Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. No director has been found yet.

I suppose it's not much of a surprise that alien abduction is the next project Bay has set his producing sights on. He's already tackled aliens from the robot angle (Transformers) and will focus on aliens posing as humans in the film I Am Number Four, which he is also producing.

I wonder what Bay's fascination with aliens are. Does he think that's what caused Transformers 1 & 2 to make so much money? It didn't have anything to do with the action and the special effects, right? No, of course not! :-P ...

Having said that, Bay isn't the only one obsessed with aliens. There are no less than four major alien projects upcoming, including Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens, the LA-set action film Battle: Los Angeles, Peter Berg's Battleship and the Straus Brothers' Skyline (all of which made appearances at this year's Comic-Con).

I just wonder what will set Bay's new project apart from all the rest of those movies.

More on the "Confidential Alien Project" as news comes out.

Source: Heat Vision

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