What Michael B. Jordan Would Look Like As Superman

New fan art imagines what Michael B. Jordan would look like as the next Superman. The DC Extended Universe experienced quite a shakeup yesterday when it was reported Henry Cavill would no longer play the Last Son of Krypton. Though both the actor and Warner Bros. are being exceptionally cryptic in the wake of the news, for now it looks like all parties involved are moving on to other projects.

WB apparently isn't going to make a new Superman solo movie for a period of several years, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from speculating who could step into the role. One name that emerged in the aftermath of the Cavill news was Michael B. Jordan, who already has plenty of experience in the realm of comic book movies. Time will tell what will become of this speculation, but people are already imagining what he could look like in the role.

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Coming to us courtesy of BossLogic is an illustration of Jordan as Kal-El. Donning the Superman costume, it looks like Jordan is ready to do battle against an unseen foe, as his eyes are glowing red. You can take a look at the picture in the space below:

Jordan has seen highly varying degrees of success with his previous superhero adaptations. He played Johnny Storm in the now-defunct Fantastic Four reboot and then earned widespread acclaim for his compelling performance as Erik Killmonger in this year's Black Panther (which has generated some serious Oscar buzz). It wouldn't be surprising to see Jordan take on another comic book character, but it would obviously depend on a number of factors. As an in-demand talent, he's lined up a number of upcoming roles in dramas such as Just Mercy and Wrong Answer, and there's always the chance the Creed series could continue well into the future. This also isn't the first time Jordan's name has been attached to a WB franchise (see: the Matrix reboot), so this all could amount to nothing much at all.

Also, Jordan's profile is likely going to continue to rise over the next handful of years while Superman is on the back burner. As a result, he may be too recognizable a talent for WB to realistically consider. Similar to the Star Wars films, the cinematic Supermen have been relative unknowns prior to landing the big gig. For instance, Christopher Reeve had only a few TV credits to his name before 1978's Superman: The Movie, and Brandon Routh and Cavill weren't exactly household names when they were cast as Kal-El. That isn't to say a bigger star couldn't play Superman, but from the studio's perspective, it might be easier (and cost-effective) to sell an anonymous actor as the latest Man of Steel.

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Source: BossLogic

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