Miami Vice Reboot Being Developed by Vin Diesel's Production Company

Miami Vice Crockett Tubbs

Yet another hit 1980s property may be getting a reboot on the small screen. In the '80s, there was one TV drama that arguably epitomized what in meant to be "cool" in that decade more than any other: Miami Vice. Starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, Miami Vice's flashy, colorful style and use of music sparked dozens of trends within both the fashion and pop culture landscapes. Running from 1984 to 1989, Miami Vice produced 5 seasons and over 100 episodes filled with pastel suits, shiny sports cars, and devious drug dealers.

With reboots and revivals of old TV shows and movies now being at one of their highest points of Hollywood popularity ever, it's not too surprising that the time has come for Miami Vice to be reborn on the small-screen. The series was of course adapted previously as a feature film back in 2006, with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx as Crockett and Tubbs, and Michael Mann directing. The movie largely struck out though, earning mostly poor reviews, and coming up short of profitability at the box office.

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According to THR, the main driving force behind Miami Vice getting a TV reboot is Vin Diesel, an actor now himself closely associated with fast cars and cocky swagger via the Fast and Furious franchise. Miami Vice is the first project to result from a first-look deal that Diesel's One Race Television production company signed with Universal Television. Diesel reportedly had the initial idea to reboot the classic procedural, and personally appealed to NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke to make it happen.

Diesel will serve as one of several executive producers on the Miami Vice reboot, with Peter McManus (Spike TV's adaptation of The Mist) writing the script. As the project is still in early development, no timetable for when production might begin or the reboot might air has been offered. It's also unknown whether NBC plans to have the reboot go through the usual pilot process, or outright grant a straight-to-series order once development finishes.

It remains to be seen if Diesel will opt to make an appearance in front of the camera on Miami Vice, although if he opted to do so, it would likely succeed in getting the reboot a lot of attention. Still, Diesel's film career is by no means in a slump, so he may not have the time available even if he wants to appear on the show. It'll also be interesting to see if Johnson and/or Thomas are invited to participate in some fashion. All those questions aside, one hopes that Diesel and company will at least keep the iconic theme song intact.

Source: THR

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