MGM Bankruptcy Stalls 'Three Stooges', 'Robocop' and More

Benicio Del Toro The Three Stooges

MGM's bankruptcy has already delayed the next Bond movie and left The Hobbit without a director, and as predicted,  the subsequent fallout continues to claim victims.

We recently reported that the Red Dawn remake has been shelved indefinitely (it's currently in post-production), and now we have updates on several other films that you won't be seeing in the near future, thanks yet again to MGM's money troubles.

Remember The Three Stooges movie that was suppossed to come out? The Farrelly Brothers were directing it, Sean Penn was circling the role of Larry, Benicio Del Toro had reportedly been circling Moe for a longtime... Even Jim Carey was rumored for Curly at one point.

Well, none of that matters now, the film is stalled. No Three Stooges anytime soon (some thought it would be out this year :-P).

robocop reboot

How about the Robocop reboot that Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler) was trying to make happen? Last word was that Aronofsky was still attached and that he was trying to handle logistics about the film's format (big-budget 3D or low-budget gritty), while waiting on word about MGM's financial situation.

Well, the word was bad, so don't expect Robocop anytime soon. I also wouldn't hold my breath for Aronofsky to direct at this point.

A lot of horror fans have been waiting on The Cabin in the Woods, a movie written by Avengers director Joss Whedon, for a long time. Cabin was suppossed to be out this year, it's already in the can, but like Red Dawn, MGM has no marketing and promotion money to launch the films with.

Sorry Whedon/horror fans, you won't be visiting Cabin in the Woods anytime soon.

Finally, there's The Matarese Circle, a movie adapted from a novel by author Robert Ludlum (the Bourne series), which director David Cronenberg (Eastern Promises) was co-writing and possibly directing. The story was about an intelligence agent who partners with a KGB agent to bring down a secret cabal who have infiltrated the highest levels of power.

Last word was that Cronenberg was pulling Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington onto the project, which would've been pretty spectacular. Not that it matters now - the project has been stalled.

spyglass entertainment mgm bankruptcy

If there is any silver lining to this drab news, it's that MGM may soon have a resolution to it's problems. Deadline reports that the studio may fall under the control of Spyglass Entertainment, which would transform MGM into a production-only company, axing its marketing and distribution branches, thereby (supposedly) saving costs.

Studios Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment are said to still be at the table, but if Spyglass Entertainment has its way, MGM could potentially take all of these stalled properties and pass them off to other studios, which could then distribute them. We, as moviegoers would win; it remains to be seen which option would most benefit MGM.

Well, that's the update. Sorry it's bad news. We'll let you know if anything new develops with any of the mentioned movies.

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Sources: Deadline via The Playlist

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