Mr. Robot Creator Developing Metropolis TV Mini-Series

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail is developing a TV mini-series adaptation of the classic 1927 Fritz Lang sci-fi film, Metropolis.


Originally released in 1927, the classic silent film Metropolis (as directed by German filmmaker Fritz Lang) has remained a landmark science fiction film. Co-written by Lang and his wife Thea von Harbou, Metropolis has remained a highly influential piece of expressionist cinema, with its central dystopian narrative tackling the dilemma of economic class warfare with stirring sincerity and intellectual depth.

Upon reaching theaters the first go-around, Metropolis was famously panned by critics for what was perceived at the time as being a naive and overlong narrative - in addition to certain accusations brought against the film's subversive tone that was interpreted as alleged Communist propaganda. In the time since then, the film has been restored multiple times and celebrated as the first genre film production of its kind. A prominent TV series creator is now looking to adapt Lang's movie as a TV mini-series.

According to Variety, none other than Mr. Robot series creator Sam Esmail is preparing to produce a big-budget TV mini-series adaptation of Metropolis in an exclusive deal with Universal Cable Productions and Anonymous Content. Esmail is currently slated to serve as showrunner and director on most of the mini-series' episodes. The project is a couple of years away from happening right now, as Esmail is currently too busy with his work on Mr. Robot for USA Network to focus his attention firmly on the Metropolis adaptation.

Mr. Robot

Variety is also reporting that UCP and Anonymous Content have secured the rights to the podcast Homecoming - a program about members of an enigmatic government agency desperate to rejoin civilian life - in addition to Metropolis. Esmail is currently attached to work on both projects, but is expected to play less of a hands-on role with the former - as most of his attention will be dedicated to the development of the Metropolis TV mini-series, instead.

Fritz Lang's early 20th century classic is a monument to silent film and science fiction, and as such seeing a rising talent like Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail tackle a TV mini-series adaptation of the original motion picture property should prove to be an exciting endeavor for everyone involved. Only time will tell whether or not general viewers will jump at the opportunity to watch the Metropolis mini-series when it finally hits the air - though film buffs the world over will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on how the project adapts such a beloved work and cinematic masterpiece.

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Source: Variety

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