Who Is Metron? Young Justice's New God Of Knowledge Explained

Young Justice Metron

Young Justice: Outsiders introduces the New God Metron, but who is he exactly? The latest episode of Young Justice has seen the Outsiders embark upon a mission to seek out the cosmic traveler known as Metron, but what role might he play in the conclusion of season 3?

Young Justice season 3, episode 20, "Quiet Conversations" opens with Victor Stone in dire straits. The former star athlete bonded with a Fatherbox (a sentient computer used by the evil New Gods of Apokolips) after being fatally wounded in an accident in his father's lab. It was believed that the malevolent personality of the Fatherbox had been neutralized but it had only been biding its time before it could renew its attempts to completely take over Victor Stone's body. This leads to the Outsiders summoning their ally Dreamer, who advises them that only Metron may have the technology and knowledge necessary to save Vic's life.

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Created by legendary comics creator Jack Kirby and first appearing in The New Gods #1 in 1971, Metron is a unique figure in the space opera of the Fourth World. Though numbered among the New Gods, Metron wasn't born on the good world of New Genesis nor the evil world of Apokolips. Indeed, Metron denied any connection to the New Gods in New Gods #7, saying "I have no link with the Old Gods - or New! I am something different! Something that was unforeseen!"

Regardless of his origins, Metron is counted as one of the New Gods by both New Genesis and Apokolips, as Metron shares their long life, nigh-invulnerability, and enhanced physiology. Metron considers the war of the two worlds beneath him, however, and concerns himself only with the acquisition of new knowledge. Despite this, Metron has allied himself with both New Genesis and Apokolips several times over the course of his long life, but these occasions are quite rare and any alliances Metron makes are always short-lived.

Metron is regarded as the greatest inventor of the New Gods, having created the Boom Tubes they use for long distance travel as well as the sentient computers known as Motherboxes and Fatherboxes. Metron is also credited with inventing more amazing devices than can be listed, but perhaps the most astonishing of Metron's inventions is his personal transport, the Mobius Chair. Whoever sits in the Mobius Chair can travel instantaneously to any point in space and time, as well as to alternate realities. The chair is protected by one of the strongest force-fields in existence and can generate tractor beams capable of moving planets.

Though Metron's time on Earth in "Quiet Conversations" is limited, it seems likely he may appear again by the season's end. In the comics, Metron claimed to have discovered the secret of the Anti-Life Equation but refused to share it with Darkseid for fear of how the universe might suffer. Given that Darkseid's search for the Anti-Life Equation has been referred to over the course of Young Justice season 3, it seems likely that Metron may either be the means through which Darkseid gains the Equation or that he might ally himself with the heroes of Earth to maintain the cosmic balance should Darkseid discover it through other means.

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