Metroid Prime 4 Announced For Nintendo Switch

Samus Aran is all set to return as Nintendo have just announced at E3 that Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Switch.

After years of waiting, fans will finally be able to play Metroid Prime 4 when it comes to the Nintendo Switch. With E3 now in full swing, gamers are being bombared with a whole assortment of new trailers and title announcements. With each vying for top social media air time, we've seen a number of exciting and cinematic new looks at hit franchises. Yesterday brought with it the highly anticipated new gameplay trailer for Spider-Man on the PS4, showing off the web-slinger's striking new costume and abilities. In other Marvel game news, two new trailers were released today for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, highlighting the many characters showing up for the latest iteration of the hit series.

On the intergalactic stage, we recently got our first look at the action of Star Wars Battlefront II teasing forty years of battles and a number of familiar characters. So far, much of the attention has been on games for X-Box, Playstation, and PC; Nintendo, however, is getting in on the action too. Though their latest console, the Switch, debuted to a number of problems, fans of the brand and its titles are more than excited for new entires in franchises like Mario Kart 8. Now, we've got word that another classic title will be getting a sequel.

Nintendo just announced that Metroid Prime 4 is currently in development, giving fans a chance to follow in Samus Aran's footsteps once again after a 10 year gap between the last title in the franchise. While the video doesn't announce any more details or a release date, it likely will arrive sometime next year with a trailer coming before then.


The original Metroid Prime debuted back in 2002 on the Gamecube to critical praise. Switching from the traditional side-scrolling format to a 3D first person shooter, Prime allowed gamers to explore alien worlds to a haunting soundtrack while uncovering mysteries and collecting upgrades. It also let the skills and powers of Samus finally shine through, elevating the hero to new heights. While the two subsequent sequels weren't met with as much acclaim, they nevertheless continued the exciting traits from the first game.

While Prime 3 took advantage of the Wii's unique properties, Prime 4 will have the advantages—and setbacks—of the Switch at its disposal. There's no telling what form this will take for the gameplay, but with a decade having past since the last game, we can expect Nintendo to try some interesting new things with the mechanics and story. It will likely be a bit longer before we get any concrete details on Metroid Prime 4, but in the meantime we can continue dreaming of a Metroid movie starring Ronda Rousey.

Source: Nintendo

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