Metro: Exodus Trailer Shares Post-Apocalyptic Paranoia

When Metro: Exodus was showcased at E3 2017, fans of the post-apocalyptic franchise were excited to see more, and one year on 4A Games has been able to show more of the game with another trailer. The Metro series, based on the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky, has provided gamers with some of the most tense action gameplay around, filled with bleak yet detailed game worlds and terrifying monsters.

Although Metro: Exodus was clearly going to follow in the footsteps of Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light, the development team has made some major changes to the structure of the game. Of particular interest to fans of the first two games was a shift towards more open areas; although 4A Games has steered clear of an all-out open world, there are some non-linear elements this time around for gamers to sink their teeth into, all built around another compelling story.

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Understandably, this had fans of the franchise wanting more information about the game, and E3 2018 has proved to be the place to be to see more. Once again, Metro: Exodus was on the receiving end of a trailer for the expo, building upon the intriguing foundations that had been revealed so far with some more context for the events of the game. The trailer itself can be seen at the top of this article.

Metro Exodus Trailer

The trailer showcases a much different world to those shown in Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light, with large, expansive environments alongside some paranoia-fuelled dialogue from an assortment of characters. Although there were some wider, open areas within previous Metro games, it certainly seems as though Metro: Exodus is taking things to the next level, although given the franchise's penchant for tense, claustrophobic fights it's unlikely cramped conditions are entirely a thing of the past.

Metro: Exodus is based on the novel Metro: 2035, although it remains to be seen exactly how faithful the game is to its original work. At least from a thematic perspective, however, things seem to align, with the trailer showcasing different factions and secrets to uncover, which could change the shape of the world entirely.

It certainly paints an intriguing picture of Metro: Exodus as a whole, and fans of the original games will no doubt be looking out for more details on the title to surface. All in all, it's shaping up to be a fantastic third entry in the Metro series as a whole. Let's see whether the final product delivers.

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Source: 4A Games

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