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Metro Exodus, the third entry in the Metro series, is different in quite a few ways from its predecessors, but one of the biggest changes involves its crafting, customization, and upgrades systems. While the previous two games contained at least some elements of these systems, Metro Exodus pushes it to a whole new level, offering more freedom and accessibility than ever before. This includes on the fly crafting rather than being forced to go to stores or shops in far off locations as well as customizing weapons whenever players choose (assuming they have the parts needed).

This is hardly surprising, given the other ways in which Metro Exodus offers up a less restrained gaming experience, from large semi-open world missions to a more expansive story. Still, these systems can sometimes be daunting and unclear about what they need from players looking to take full advantage of everything the title has to offer. With developer 4A Games taking everything else to the next level with Metro Exodus, it's easy to miss just how intuitive crafting, customization and finding upgrades can actually be.

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This Screen Rant guide will hopefully make these various systems easier to grasp and will cover how to craft and customize the various weapons found in Metro Exodus, as well as the best method for finding upgrades for main character Artyom's gas mask, backpack and anything else.

Crafting in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus has two main methods for crafting items and ammo. Starting with the easiest (and most intuitive) method first, players can simply access Artyom's backpack at any time in the game (that is, assuming they're not being attacked by vicious mutants or sadistic enemy humans) and pull up a list of craft-able items. While the backpack is probably the method most players will use ninety percent of the time, it is limited to what you can make. Medkits, ammo for pressure guns like the Helsing crossbow and the Tikhar, and filters for your gas mask are the biggest items most players will find themselves making from the backpack.

The other, less on the go method for crafting is locating workbench crafting tables throughout the missions and large-scale maps of Metro Exodus. These can be found in buildings that serve as safe houses (they'll usually have a bed as well) or even aboard the Aurora train in between bigger missions. These tables can be used to craft ammo for all guns, grenades and other throwable explosives. These tables can also be used to apply any upgrades you come across during your travels in the game.

Of course, players won't be crafting anything if they lack the needed supplies to do so. There are two main forms of basic supplies needed to craft pretty much anything in the game: materials and chemicals. Both of these supplies can be found during your travels around the game, be it off of corpses, random containers or dismantling enemy weapons. Keep in mind that you'll only be able to hold a certain amount of these supplies at one time so don't neglect your crafting needs. Then again, at higher levels of difficulty, finding materials and chemicals becomes more difficult as the narrative progresses so be sure to also craft intelligently.

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