'Metástasis' Trailer: Meet the Spanish-Language 'Breaking Bad' Remake

Metastasis titles

In case you haven't heard, AMC's Breaking Bad has come to an end. The increasingly stress-inducing saga of a mild-mannered chemistry teacher who turns to producing and selling crystal meth to provide financial stability for his family after learning he has lung cancer ended in a way which might not have pleased everyone, but provided a sense of closure for its longtime fans.

Still, fans who aren't quite ready to leave the world of the show should take heart: not only is a prequel series about Bob Oedenkirk's morally shaky attorney - called Better Call Saul - moving forward, Sony Pictures Television and Teleset are bringing a Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad, to be called Metástasis. Check out the teaster trailer above.

The title, of course, is the term which describes the movement of a cancer from one organ to another non-adjacent organ. The show stars Diego Trujillo as Walter Blanco, a chemistry teacher who turns to making and selling meth with a former student, Jose Miguel Rosas (Roberto Urbina) to provide for his family's future after learning he has inoperable lung cancer.

The show co-stars Sandra Reyes as Walter's wife Cielo and Julian Arango as Henry Navarro, Walter's brother-in-law, who also happens to be a Colombian narcotics agent.

Metastasis titles

The teaser provides brief flashes of actual footage from Metástasis, under a voice-over from what sounds like AMC's announcer... but like everything else about the teaser, this comes off as an unsubtle knock-off of Breaking Bad.

And, well, that's exactly what it is. Described as a "fascinating re-telling," the trailer features Trujillo in a bad wig, distinctly telenovela-style cinematography (flat and rubbery, while trying for the orange hues of Breaking Bad), and apes some of the most iconic images from the original show: Walter wearing a gas mask in his underwear, his desperate confession into the video camera from the pilot, and even the promotion material for the remake mimics the famous shot of Bryan Cranston in his jockey shorts, holding a gun.

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Transplanting the overall story of Breaking Bad to South America actually sounds like a good idea: the region has been troubled by the drug trade for decades, with no sign of the conflict slowing. American fans of the original show might have been enticed to check out Metástasis if it looked like the remake's creators had an original spin on the premise, but right now this looks more like a cynical cash-grab than an attempt to take the story in a new and interesting direction.

Sony and Teleset are also behind the upcoming Spanish-language series based on Robert Rodriguez's breakout debut film, El Mariachi. After viewing the teaser for Metástasis, that project sounds groundbreaking compared to this.


Metástasis will premiere on Univision on an as-yet-unspecified date.

Source: Sony Pictures Television (hat tip to Coming Soon)


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