Barry Sonnenfeld to Direct DC's 'Metal Men' Movie

barry sonnefeld dc comics metal men movie

Rumors have been circulating about what 'secret' comic book adaptation Men in Black franchise director Barry Sonnenfeld recently became attached to helm (in addition to Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens). The answer: a movie version of DC Comics' The Metal Men.

When you combine this news about Sonnenfeld being set to helm a Metal Men film - with previous reports that Warner Bros./DC also plans to move ahead with a Suicide Squad movie in the near future, there's all the more evidence that the in-development DC movie universe (DCMU) could stand apart from Marvel's, given the relatively-obscure titles being fashioned for the big screen.

Quick recap: DC's Metal Men comic book property originated in the early 1960s and was published bi-monthly until 1978, due to the "DC Implosion." The series returned in full in the early '90s, and its characters have since made appearances in such noteworthy storylines as "Infinite Crisis" and the limited run for "Justice League of America" in 2006. Furthermore, the titular characters showed up in "combined" form during the "Kingdom Come" mini-series.

To clarify that last tidbit: the Metal Men (in their original comic run) were created by a scientist in the field of AI, named Dr. William Magnus. The team is composed of six robots, each made of a single chemical element with qualities that are reflected in their personalities and abilities (and obviously, their names). Hence, Gold is the leader, Iron is extremely strong, Lead is loyal, but "thick" and slow-witted, Mercury has a short temper (hot-headed - get it?), Tin is neurotic and insecure - and Platinum... well, believes herself to be a real woman.

The Metal Men are a quirky lot, and that's surely why Sonnenfeld has been hired on to oversee a film adaptation (or so Vulture is reporting). After all, the filmmaker has already had success with one sci-fi/comedy comic book series, Men in Black, and is well-known for specializing in oddball properties - some well-regarded (the Addams Family movies), others... not so much (Wild Wild West).

The DC Universe

How exactly will Metal Men fit into the DCMU? That's an interesting question, seeing how it's not entirely clear yet whether the DCMU will be an imitation of Marvel's shared film universe, minus the weaker elements - or something radically different (read our "5 Tips for Building the DCMU").

There have been rumors that DC will give their superhero properties the stripped-down, realistic treatment, following in the footsteps of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy and Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman: Man of Steel reboot. However, a Metal Men movie directed by Sonnenfeld lends itself to more of a semi-comical, possibly even campy, interpretation (which could clash with its DC movie peers).

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Source: Vulture

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