Exclusive Preview: The 'Nth Metal Man' Joins DC's Universe

The Metal Men have returned to DC's Universe, and are already facing their toughest opponent - The Nth Metal Man born of the Dark Multiverse!

Metal Men Nth Man Cover Art

Warning: SPOILERS for Metal Men #1

The Metal Men have returned to the DC Universe once again, but the dark secret of their existence is more sinister than fans ever expected. Which is why it makes perfect sense that their tortured creator is looking for answers... in the Dark Multiverse.

The first issue from Dan DiDio and Shane Davis wasted no time diving into the darkness, revealing the creator and leader of the Metal Men, Dr. Will Magnus, was a fraud (whose sanity may already be walking a narrow line). The metallic hero team made from living metal earned Magnus accolades for creating artificial life -- except he only made it seem that way. As Issue #1 revealed, the Metal Men are simply programmed robots, and nothing more. But our exclusive preview of Metal Men #2 shows Will Magnus's prayers may soon be answered. But if you ask us, an actual being made of Dark Multiverse metal calling for Magnus by name seems like trouble, not a miracle.

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For the readers who missed out on the many ways the DC Universe was changed by Dark Nights: Metal, it's enough to say that DC's heroes discovered a special metal -- officially known as Nth Metal -- with a direct connection to the Dark Multiverse, born right alongside the living DC Multiverse. And now that a pool of this mysterious liquid metal has appeared beneath Challengers Mountain, taken human form, and called for "Dr Will Magnusssss"... the good doctor has no choice but to respond. A visitor from the Dark Multiverse is always something to be feared, so it's a good thing Dr. Magnus brings the entire Metal Men team along with him. Take a look at the official preview pages for Metal Men #2 below:

Metal Men 2 DC Comic Cover
Metal Men 2 Variant Comic Cover
Metal Men 2 Comic Preview 1
Metal Men 2 Comic Preview 2
Metal Men 2 Comic Preview 3
Metal Men 2 Comic Preview 4
Metal Men 2 Comic Preview 5

Now fans have to ask themselves: will Dr. Magnus exercise the appropriate caution, seeing a true, living, metallic being standing before him? Or will he risk everything (or anyone) to understand the secret he never managed to discover himself? The stakes have been raised, so until the full issue arrives, readers can find the full credits and plot synopsis below:

  • METAL MEN #2 (OF 12)
  • Release Date: November 20th, 2019
  • Written by: Dan DiDio
  • Art by: Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki
  • Cover Art by: Shane Davis
  • Variant Cover Art by: Kenneth Rocafort
  • The Nth Metal Man has arrived from the Dark Multiverse right into Dr. Klyburn's research site-and it will destroy anything that stands in the way of it trying to stay in our world. As Magnus, Gold, Platinum, Iron, Lead, and Mercury rush to Dr. Klyburn's aid, one of them will meet their fate at the hands of Nth Metal Man! But who? And how? How is even crazier! Read this issue to find out!

Metal Men #2 hits your local comic book shop on November 20th, 2019.

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