Metal Gear Solid Fan Art Offers Some Great Casting Choices

Some expert artwork from BossLogic imagines a selection of Hollywood's biggest action stars in the role of Metal Gear Solid's bandana-clad hero, Solid Snake. Unquestionably an icon of the video game industry, Solid Snake first appeared in 1987's Metal Gear but it wasn't until 1998's PlayStation classic, Metal Gear Solid, that Snake hit the mainstream, kickstarting an entire genre of stealth-based action gaming. Snake would go on to appear in a number of increasingly cut-scene heavy sequels but despite the complexity of the franchise's story, the character of Solid Snake remained incredibly popular with fans.

Given the inherently cinematic nature of the Metal Gear Solid games, conversation regarding a live-action movie adaptation of the franchise has been constant over the past twenty years, but progress has been both slow and fractured. Despite Metal Gear chief Hideo Kojima first announcing development of a movie in 2006, the project was indefinitely postponed around the turn of the decade. Fortunately, the Metal Gear Solid movie was officially revived in 2012. Jordan Vogt-Roberts is set to direct from a script that is now completed, with Kojima himself also involved. There have thus far been no announcements regarding casting.

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With arguably the most anticipated video game movie role since Lara Croft up for grabs, artist BossLogic has envisioned several A-List actors in the guise of Solid Snake. The collection includes Chris Evans (an image that was first released last year), Christian Bale, Jon Bernthal and Henry Cavill and adapts images from movies such as Avengers: Infinity War and Mission Impossible: Fallout in order to achieve the transformations.

Each of the four actors included could certainly make a case for being cast as Solid Snake but based purely on BossLogic's artwork, Jon Bernthal perhaps looks the most natural as the rugged, weather-beaten super soldier and the MGS-era Snake seen in his portrait is likely closest to how the character will look in the movie itself. It's also amazing how only a lit cigarette and a flowing bandana separate Captain America from Solid Snake, with Chris Evans looking surprisingly convincing in the role given his association with more clean cut characters.

Of course, all four men are very well known for playing other legendary, heroic characters on the big or small screen and for this reason, it's possible that the Metal Gear Solid movie will opt for an actor that isn't widely associated with another iconic figure for the part of Snake. This perhaps serves as another reason why Bernthal would be the most suitable man of this particular quartet, with his Punisher not quite as famous as the likes of Batman, Superman and Captain America.

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Metal Gear Solid is currently without a release date. More news as it arrives.

Source: BossLogic

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