Mera: The 10 Coolest Facts From DC Comics Canon

Aquaman got a lot of things right when it comes to comics. One of the best examples of that is the character of Mera. From her suit to her personality to even her shock-red hair, Mera was very true to her DC Comics counterpart. However, there were still a lot of cool things about Mera we didn't get to see on the big screen. We decided to dig up some of the coolest of those things and rank them for your reading pleasure. So sit back and pour a glass of wine, because here comes Mera: The 10 Coolest Facts from DC Comics Canon.

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Mera And Aquaman investigate the Trench in Aquaman Volume 7 Issue 4
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10 She Can See In The Dark

Mera And Aquaman investigate the Trench in Aquaman Volume 7 Issue 4

We saw a lot of impressive powers from Mera in Aquaman. However, one that we didn’t get to see might actually be one of her most useful, especially since she spends a lot of time in deep, deep waters. Mera can see with little to no light at all. Again, this could be a lifesaver for Mera’s adventures in the really dark depths of the ocean, and it’s given her advantage over an enemy countless numbers of times. Also, this means she can get up at night without stubbing her toe on furniture, which is a power most of us would give a hand for.

9 She Trained As An Assassin

Mera Vs. The Forces of Xebel

Mera’s fighting in Aquaman probably told you already that she’s an adept warrior. But did you know that she’s also a kind of ninja assassin? Growing up in the rough kingdom of Xebel, Mera had to learn quickly how to kill effectively and quietly, and for years put her abilities in the service of her home country. However, that all changes when she got the assignment to kill the King of Atlantis. That’s right, before Aquaman and Mera met and got married, Mera was intent on killing Arthur Curry.

I know, it’s usually the other way around.

8 She Can Swim At Speeds Up To Mach 5

Aquaman’s special effects were off the charts. From the battle scenes to the landscape of Atlantis, that film was a visual delight. Especially cool was seeing the main characters rocket through waters like Superman through the skies.

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And though it was especially cool in live-action, those speeds have roots in the comics. Mera herself can get up to Mach five underwater which, if you’re keeping track, is faster than the speed of sound. Not that sound carries that well underwater anyway.

7 She's Ruled Without Aquaman

When Arthur Curry is away, deposed or dead (people die in comics a lot, but usually get better), Mera steps up and steers the actions of her nation. In recent comics, Mera has established herself as a full-time Queen, with Aquaman away from the throne. As Queen, Mera is wise and compassionate. Though she might have been raised as a killer, Mera protects the lives of her subjects, and enriched the Kingdom of Atlantis as a whole.

6 She Lived In The Bermuda Triangle

Mera didn’t always inhabit the Ancient Halls of Atlantis. Before she met Arthur Curry, Mera was a full-time citizen of Xebel. You already know that, but do you know where Xebel is located? That’s right, it’s within the mysterious area of the ocean we call the Bermuda Triangle. Xebel is surrounded by almost-impenetrable magic walls, walls that trap human boats and airplanes that go near them. The only way out of Xebel was hydrokineticism, which, luckily for Mera, she has had since an early age. Too bad the same wasn’t true for all those people in that X-Files episode.

5 She Was A Red Lantern

Red Lantern Mera vs Wonder Woman

Mera’s not brash, but she can be pretty angry. In fact, the rage inside Mera can be pretty powerful. Luckily for her enemies, she can temper that rage. Usually. One case in which it was definitely not was when Mera became a Red Lantern. Red Lanterns, like Green Lanterns, have rings of power.

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However, those rings magnify and are powered by the seething rage of the person who wears them, giving that person incredible powers and acidic blood. Mera is already somebody you wouldn’t want to piss off. But with a Red Lantern ring? Making her mad is a death sentence.

4 She Teamed Up With Ocean Master

Speaking of interesting moments in the canon of her history, Mera isn’t always fighting against her half-brother-in-law. Recently, Mera and Ocean Master had to team up to defeat a serious threat not just to Atlantis, but the whole Earth. This threat was Arion, an ancient Atlantan sorcerer with a taste for death. The fact that Mera teamed with Orm goes to show just how threatening Arion must’ve been, because just like her character in Aquaman, comic book Mera hates the Ocean Master.

3 She's Got An Evil Twin Sister

Mera And Her Sister Siren

Evil twins are a frequent device in comic book storytelling, and a lot of interesting drama has come out of them. Recently, the twin sister of Mera, called Hila, imprisoned Mera and exiled Aquaman, declaring herself ruler. Hila also goes by the name Siren, a super villain name that several characters in DC Comics lore take on. Mera eventually broke free and defeated Hila, and though that story arc is over now, it serves to give us a very cool plot twist and new addition to the Aquaman family. And like other members of that family, Hila has no problem with killing either Mera or her husband.

Can you just imagine Thanksgiving with these people?

2 She Might Be Atlantis's Doom?

The Widowhood Vision Of Mera In Aquaman Future Tide

Just like Hellboy, Mera is probably not a huge fan of prophecies about her. In a recent comic, some Atlantan Fates informed Mera that history would know her as the “Fatal Queen.” According to them, Mera would go mad after the very early death of her husband. This actually harkens back to a Mera storyline from much earlier Aquaman comics.

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In it, Mera went insane and cause Atlantis a lot of trouble. However, we have yet to see this prophecy fulfilled in the comics. And we’re pretty sure those Fates are underestimated the Queen of Atlantis.

1 She's Justice League's Aquawoman

Arthur Makes Mera Atlantean Ambassador To The Surface

The picture above might look like an alternate reality in Aquaman comics. But let us assure you, it’s real. When Arthur appears to die in a recent DC Comics storyline, Mera takes up not only his rulership of Atlantis and his role in the Justice League, but also a version of his name. She even adopts a kickass rendition of his costume, both to honor him and remind his enemies that they still have a lot to fear. And so far, Mera’s doing pretty well at all of those things.

Take that, spooky Fish Prophets.

What’s the coolest thing you know about the Queen of the Seven Seas? What’s your Mera moment from DC Comics? Let us know in the comments below!

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