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If you're the kind of moviegoer that gets rankled by casual references to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter in films then Jason Reitman's upcoming drama Men, Women and Children is probably going to be a bit of a minefield. Based on the novel of the same name by Chad Kultgen, Men, Women and Children explores the ways in which the growth of the internet and social media has changed the way that families interact. After all, teens who want to learn about sex or self-image can now turn to their smartphones with far greater ease than talking to their own parents.

Men, Women and Children is now set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival 2014 in September, with a limited theatrical release scheduled for October 3rd followered by a wider release on October 17th. In addition to this news comes the first teaser trailer for Men, Women and Children, which stars Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jennifer Garner and Judy Greer among its principle cast.

The trailer overlays the physical world with the digital world as the various characters in the ensemble confess things in cyberspace that they don't dare to say out loud. It's definitely a drama made for the year 2014, and Men, Women and Children could either end up becoming very dated or only becoming more relevant as time goes on. Check out a couple of official stills from the movie below.

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The young stars of Men, Women and Children pictures above are Ansel Elgort and Kaitlyn Dever. Elgort played the male lead in this summer's romantic tearjerker The Fault in Our Stars, played Tommy Ross in the recent remake of Carrie, and appeared in a supporting role in the latest young adult sci-fi franchise starter Divergent. Dever has a regular role in Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing, and also starred in the highly acclaimed drama Short Term 12 last year.

Reitman himself co-wrote the screenplay for Men, Women and Children with Erin Cressida Wilson (Chloe), and although this teaser isn't particularly engaging the director's past work definitely make this new drama worth checking out. Reitman is known for blending comedy and drama well with films like Juno, Thank You For Smoking and Young Adult, and Men, Women and Children certainly has a premise that's worth exploring.

Men, Women and Children will receive a limited release on October 3rd, 2014, followed by a wider release on October 17th.

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