Men of a Certain Age Season 2 Preview: The Best Show You’re Not Watching

men of a certain age season 2 preview

TNT has released a preview for the first episode of Men of a Certain Age's sophomore season titled, “If I Could, I Surely Would."

The show was created by series star Ray Romano and writing partner Mike Royce. Men of a Certain Age showed up on many critics’ Best Shows of the Year lists - and even garnered a Best Actor in a Drama Emmy nomination for Andre Braugher.

Yet, whenever the show comes up in conversation, even with fellow TV addicts like myself, very few people are watching. What gives? Perhaps there is just too much television to watch and only so much time one can devote to the tube. Regardless of your excuse for not watching the program, it’s never too late to start. Men of a Certain Age is easily a show that qualifies as one that can be picked up without having watched the first season.

TNT has provided fans with a brief preview of the upcoming season with Joe (Romano) at the driving range when a woman, whose son is in his daughter’s class, approaches him and flirts. Terry (Bakula) is in bed with yet another woman, and Owen (Braugher) is obviously having trouble getting through to his sales team at the dealership.

Check out the video below:

As a short bonus, the network is sharing a brief video blog about the series' writing process with creators Ray Romano and Mike Royce.

Check out the behind-the-scenes featurette below:

If you're unfamiliar with Men of a Certain Age, the show revolves around three men who are all about fifty years old. Joe is a neurotic recovering gambling addict who is recently divorced. Terry (Bakula doing some of his best work) is a struggling actor who scores with as many women as Hank Moody on Californication, and Owen, the only married one of the trio, is moving up at the family car dealership - but has a precarious relationship with his father.

The situations the men find themselves in are always entertaining, humorous, and at times implausible - yet still believable. Even if you're not fifty, it'll still be easy to identify with many of the issues the show deals with. Men of a Certain Age is not just for men either, the characters have depth - and my wife even enjoys it!

Men of a Certain Age is so good in fact, that it managed to convert me into a Ray Romano fan. From someone who never enjoyed Everyone Loves Raymond, this show almost makes me question whether I was missing something all this time.

Let us know if you're watching the show, and if so, feel free to share why!

Men of a Certain Age airs Monday night on TNT.

Source: TNT

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