Smith & Jones Set For Men in Black 3D?

The word from Barry Sonnenfeld (director of  Men in Black 1 & 2 and the upcoming Men in Black 3) is that original M.I.B. stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are both prepped to return as Agents J and K, respectively, in a new sci-fi/action/comedy sequel -- and yes, it will be in 3D as well.

I'll pause here to let all the readers who fell out of their chairs in shock a moment to recover. ;-)

We reported last month that Will Smith was deciding between Men in Black 3 and The City That Sailed as his next starring vehicle. Assuming that Sonnenfeld is telling the truth, it looks like we now know which film Smith signed on for.

Sonnenfeld also claims that Tommy Lee Jones is finally set to return to the blockbuster franchise as well.  If this is indeed the case, then this announcement should do away with last year's rumors about Josh Brolin starring in Men in Black 3.

Of course the more recent story about Sacha Baron Cohen and Jermaine Clement being pursued by Columbia Pictures for a role in Men in Black 3 might still turn out to be true.  We'll surely hear more on that once we have the official plot synopsis for the film -- the script for which is being penned by Tropic Thunder co-writer Etan Cohen.

will smith tommy lee jones back men in black 3
The boys in black are-- finally-- back.

On a personal note, while I enjoyed the first M.I.B. flick, Men in Black 2 left me unimpressed.  The comedic elements were weak, the plot felt like a lame retread of the first film, and -- though maybe it was just me -- it seemed like even the visual effects and CGI were kind of poorly done.

That said, there's always the possibility that Men in Black 3 could be a return to form for the sci-fi/comic book franchise.  Director Barry Sonnenfeld is known for using elaborate tracking shots and swooping camera movement -- see the Pushing Daisies episodes that he directed for further proof -- and that style stands to work well with the 3D effect.

In addition, Etan Cohen's screenplay for Men in Black 3 could be a significant improvement over that of Men in Black 2 -- especially if he concocts an amusing alien role for someone like Baron Cohen or Clement to play.  Of course, Cohen's last writing credit was Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, so don't get your hopes up just yet.

So how about it?  Are you excited to see Smith and Jones back in their black suits once more?

Men in Black 3 is currently slated to hit theaters on Memorial Day (May 30) of 2011.

Source: Showbiz 411

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