'Men In Black 3' Script Review

Men in Black 3 script review


Men In Black 3, based on the successful comic book series by Lowell Cunningham, is moving forward full-steam ahead. There's even a teaser trailer for the film out.

The film's script was written by scribe Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder)  and stars returning heroes, "Jay" (Will Smith) and "Kay" (Tommy Lee Jones), who are ready to save the galaxy once more.

Opening with an action-packed, jailbreak sequence, two evil alien humanoids known as "Boris the Biker" (Jemaine Clement) and his main intergalactic squeeze, "Devil Girl," head for Earth in order to destroy it and kill our hero, Kay, who is creating a defense shield in order to project our planet from being obliterated.

The problem, is that the original Kay was killed in 1969 and a new "Kay" (a very amusing cameo and I hope this actor takes this part!) has taken his place.

As a bewildered Jay tries to make sense out of what is going on in this strange time twist, all hell breaks loose. The Kay we have grown to know doesn't exist and neither does Earth's defense shield. Our planet is attacked and obliterated in a blink of an eye.

But, let it be known, in the world of MIB the good guys always save the day.

A microsecond before the end of the world, Jay is able to escape and is teleported back to 1969 New York where he meets a young, energetic version of Kay (Josh Brolin; good choice there). Jay has to convince young Kay that he (Jay) is not an alien from another planet, and that he's Kay's partner from the future Earth who came back to get him to build the defense shield, save the planet, several other galaxies and not to get killed by the time traveling Boris and Devil Girl in 1969 - aliens Kay puts in jail forty years in the future.

Sounds like Jay has his work cut out for him.

men in black 3 tommy lee jones will smith

The story is fast-paced and filled with lots of cameos the audience will have a lot of laughs with. It's a wild, "E Ticket" ride that has the atmosphere of Mad Men meeting Disney's Tomorrowland. The location of the secret headquarters run by the stuffy chief (Alec Baldwin is perfect in this role!) is creative and funny.

Jay and young Kay form an uneasy alliance in the beginning and its interesting to see the student teaching the future teacher. As Kay starts to see that Jay is  telling the truth, we see the makings of a lifelong friendship begin as the two encounter friend and foe with the exciting finale taking place at Cape Kennedy, which includes a heartfelt moment for Jay.

With cameos galore, don't be surprised if the worms and "Frank the Pug" show up somewhere.

Special effects will take at least a year to finish, so expect a release date of summer 2012.

Men In Black 3 is a sure-fire winner all around.

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