Men in Black Would Win In A Fight Against Thanos, Says Tessa Thompson

Men in Black: International star Tessa Thompson has revealed that she thinks the MIB would beat Thanos is a fight. The latest installment is the fourth in the Men in Black franchise. Debuting on the big screen in 1997, the original pairing consisted of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as two of the agents tasked with policing alien immigration on Earth. Proving both a hit with audiences and critics, the film eventually spawned two less-well-received sequels. Following the third film, a crossover with 21 Jump Street was in development but ultimately fell through. Instead, Sony opted to go the route of a soft reboot.

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Instead of starting from scratch, Men in Black: International remains within the established continuity but focuses primarily on the London branch and offers a more globe-trotting adventure. Thompson stars as Agent M, who is recruited by the organization after spending decades seeking them out. She is partnered with Chris Hemsworth's Agent H in order to uncover a mole within the MIB. Hemsworth and Thompson previously paired up as Thor and Valkyrie, respectively, in Thor: RagnarokThey later reunited in Avengers: Endgame, both helping to undo the effects of Thanos' infamous snap and take down The Mad Titan once and for all.

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While speaking with IGN, Thompson was asked how the Men in Black would fare against Thanos. Her response was unsurprisingly confident. Thompson wasted little time tackling what she jokily declared to be a serious question, stating that the agents of the Men in Black would win. "...They have all their alien gadgets and so much, you know, knowledge about the universe." The actress also went on to remark on the Men in Black's capacity for diplomacy and how that could also be used in halting terror. Check out the full video below:

Men in Black: International isn't faring so well, however, taking a beating at the box office. The latest installment bombed at the box office, only taking $28 million in its opening weekend. Despite being the cheapest to make of the entire franchise, the opening weekend was a franchise low. It even came in below Dark Phoenix, which itself also failed to soar. The film's critical reception didn't prove much better, earning the franchise it's lowest Rotten Tomatoes score and spawning a wave of neuralyzer jokes. The response proved decidedly unsurprising. Not only were fans skeptical from the outset, but the film was reportedly plagued by various behind-the-scenes issues. So bad were the problems that the director, F. Gary Gray, almost quit working on the project.

Despite the poor reviews, Hemsworth and Thompson remain quite the formidable and charismatic pairing. As such, it's easy to see them on the winning side of any conflict, regardless of which characters they are currently inhabiting. Plus, it's hard to fault her logic. The Men in Black, while only human, do possess a lot of knowledge and equipment. One of the many reasons the Avengers failed so spectacularly in Avengers: Infinity War was due to unpreparedness and being caught mostly off-guard. Many didn't even know who Thanos was before he decided to attack. There's little chance the MIB wouldn't know of such a looming intergalactic presence way ahead of time. Whether or not diplomacy would work on such a single-minded tyrant as Thanos will remain the subject of speculation - unless Thompson is able to get her admittedly tongue-in-cheek movie premise off the ground. Equally, whether the Men in Black could defeat Thanos will remain equally up for debate. Whatever the case, it would no doubt make for an interesting clash.

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Men in Black: International is in theaters now.

Source: IGN

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