Chris Hemsworth Wants Men in Black Reboot To Be 'Epic'

Thor: Ragnarok - Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

Chris Hemsworth wants the Men In Black reboot to be "epic and fun" like the previous movies. The Men In Black franchise kicked off with the 1997 original, which paired Will Smith's rookie alien hunter with Tommy Lee Jones' stoic vet. The strong chemistry between the pair and the movie's mix of comedy and gooey horror made it a blockbuster, though the series struggled with sequels. Men In Black II took a few years to develop, but lacked the comic flair and invention of the original, despite reuniting the same cast and crew.

Men In Black 3 then took a full decade to arrive and was marred by behind-the-scenes woes, including the movie going into production with only a third of the script being written. Despite this, it was another big hit for the studio, but Smith soon ruled out a return for more sequels. There was brief talk a few years ago of the franchise being crossed over with 21 Jump Street for a movie titled MIB 23, but it was later canned. Now a new reboot/spinoff will reunite Thor: Ragnarok co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

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The new Men In Black movie is gearing up to start shooting soon, and Hemsworth spoke with Variety (via Digital Spy) during a red carpet event for Avengers: Infinity War about the project:

We're developing the script now. We're basically trying to put a lot of humor in to it like the previous ones. These are obviously some big big shoes to fill, so we're working our butts off on it to make something pretty epic and fun. They're trying to change up the locations, make it feel unique and different to the last ones as well. So I think you might even see some different countries, maybe. Some different cities than you've seen in the previous Men In Black movies.

While the Ghostbusters reboot didn't do the business Sony was hoping for, it was the movie where Hemsworth proved he had serious comic chops playing dimwitted secretary Kevin. Thor: Ragnarok put those skills on full display, and reimagined Thor as more of a comedic character. The movie also proved Hemsworth has strong comic chemistry with Thompson, so it's easy to see why they were chosen to head another buddy comedy.

The new Men In Black will focus on the next generation of alien hunters, though it's unknown how strong the ties will be to previous movies. Smith has proven somewhat resistant to sequels in recent years; he skipped Independence Day: Resurgence and Bad Boys For Life always appears to be on the edge of cancellation. It's possible either he or Jones could still make cameo appearances in the new adventure, however, and Sony will likely be eager to turn Men In Black into a regular franchise that allows for additional sequels and spinoffs.

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Source: Variety (via Digital Spy)

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