Men in Black Spinoff Teaser Poster & Reported Plot Details Revealed

The first teaser poster for Sony's Men in Black spinoff arrives along with new plot details concerning Tessa Thompson's character.

Sony's Men in Black spinoff receives its first teaser poster and some new plot details. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones launched Men in Black back in the late 1990s to great success, but the franchise hasn't been long for the road. It took five years for a sequel that wasn't as well-received and then Men in Black 3 all but ended the series in 2012. The world and IP have plenty of potential, though, which is why Sony's been looking to get a reboot going for years. They considered a crossover with their Jump Street franchise, but are now focused on a spinoff starring Chris Hemsworth.

The spinoff will see F. Gary Gray take the wheel of the franchise as its director after he helped propel The Fate of the Furious to then record setting numbers. The buddy dynamic will continue to be a central component to Men in Black too with Tessa Thompson set to co-star. It was also just announced that Liam Neeson is joining too, and that isn't the last bit of information to surface.

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Omega Underground shared new plot details on Men in Black this past week that shed light on Thompson's role. It was previously confirmed that the spinoff would be focused on a London team of agents, and OU's details reaffirm just that. They've revealed that Thompson's character Em (likely making her Agent M) is the new kid on the block. Hemsworth is the ace of this team and will fittingly be named Agent H. Together they "become involved in a murder mystery that has them traveling the globe." Along with these details, Collider shared the first teaser poster for the movie that was featured as the 2018 Las Vegas Licensing Expo.

The plot details line up with what we've heard before and shouldn't be the last details we get. Considering just how large of an agency the Men in Black organization was in the previous films, the international branch should be just as large and give the film a few additional roles that have yet to be announced. However, the crux of the story will go to Thompson and Hemsworth as they go on this globe-trotting adventure, one that Hemsworth previously said will be "pretty epic."

Unfortunately, the poster doesn't reveal much. The reboot is still unofficially titled, but just using MIB in the poster could be an indication as to what it could ultimately be. They have to differentiate the reboot from the original movies enough to not confuse audiences but also maintain the IP. Calling it MIB: London isn't flashy but conveys the change of scenery and could ultimately be where this goes. After all, Sony is now familiar with successfully relaunching an IP thanks to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and they're surely hoping this spinoff can have a similar level of success.

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Sources: Omega Underground, Collider

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