Men in Black Spinoff Reunites Tessa Thompson & Chris Hemsworth

Thor: Ragnarok - Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

Valkyrie herself, Tessa Thompson is set to play the female lead in Sony's Men in Black movie spinoff opposite Chris Hemsworth. Sony's been looking to find a way to bring back the Men in Black franchise for a few years now. They toyed with the idea of crossing it over with 21 Jump Street, but that idea never panned out. Now, they've settled on a spinoff/reboot that will take place in London. The idea for this new direction came with Thor star Chris Hemsworth signing on to play the lead.

Just like with the original movies that saw Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones form a team, Sony needed new blood to pair with Hemsworth. While no names surfaced immediately, it was reported that they wanted a woman of color and an older man to be part of Hemsworth's new alien fighting team. It now appears the the studio has found their pick for the former of those two roles.

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THR is reporting that Sony has set Thompson to play the Men in Black spinoff's female lead opposite Hemsworth, making the film an official Thor: Ragnarok reunion. The actors demonstrated their great chemistry together onscreen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so Sony is clearly hoping that their spark carries over to another sci-fi/action/comedy blockbuster franchise.

Thompson broke out in Ragnarok playing Valkyrie opposite of Hemsworth, so much so that many are calling for her to carry on the mantle if Thor perishes in Avengers: Infinity War. The actress has also been one of the leading voices behind the all-female MCU movie, so Marvel's sure to keep her busy moving forward. She's now found another franchise to be a part of, and re-teaming with Hemsworth is a great idea. The back and forth between them was one of the best parts of Ragnarok, and if Sony's casting both of the stars of that film, then that could be an indication to the tone that they have in mind for the Men in Black franchise relaunch.

Even though the Men in Black spinoff won't be a complete Ragnarok reunion as F. Gary Gray is set to direct (and not Taika Waititi), the former The Fate of the Furious director should put the talents of Thompson and Hemsworth to good use. If Sony just wants to keep borrowing from Ragnarok as they make this new installment, Mark Ruffalo would be a fine choice for the older man in the group (as would Idris Elba and Jeff Goldblum for that matter). For now though, we will just have to wait and see if the film becomes a Ragnarok reunion in other respects too.

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Source: THR

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