'Men in Black 3' Posters and Image: Agent J & Young Agent K [Updated]

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[UPDATE: We've added another Men in Black III poster. Check it out in the gallery above, or scroll on down for a larger version.]

The standout moment of the Men in Black III teaser trailer definitely belongs to Oscar-nominee Josh Brolin, who does an impeccable Tommy Lee Jones impersonation while portraying a forty-years younger version of MIB Agent K. Many people are already speculating that Brolin could be the sci-fi comedy threequel's saving grace and prevent it from becoming the disaster its messy production process points towards.

Sony apparently agrees, judging by the fact that the latest official still released from MIB3 features Will Smith as J alongside Brolin as the (still, no-nonsense) youthful K. Not to mention, two new posters released for the movie likewise emphasize the idea that Brolin will indeed eventually "transform" into Jones.

Take a careful look at the latest pair of Men in Black III posters [UPDATE: along with a one-sheet that features Jones, Smith, and Brolin together] and see what we mean:

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Previous reports concerning Men in Black III have indicated that Jones' scenes as the elder K bookend the film, while the majority of the running time revolves around J and young K trying to stop a time-traveling extraterrestrial biker named Boris (Jemaine Clement) from disrupting the time-space continuum and destroying Earth. If that is indeed the case, that sounds like a dicey approach, given how pivotal the comedic chemistry between Smith and Jones are to the first two MIB flicks.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld appears to be banking on the idea that the dynamic between Brolin and Smith can produce equally hilarious results, as evidenced by the scene depicted below, where J (in a familiar moment) finds himself once again demoted to "Noisy Cricket" status by the young K:

men black 3 image josh brolin will smith


A full-length trailer for Men in Black III is slated to arrive online by the beginning of next week (at the time of this writing). That new footage should provide a preliminary look at how well Smith and Brolin play off one another in the film, while also offering a better taste of the alien-induced mayhem and comedy this threequel has to offer in general.


Men in Black III will arrive in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on May 25th, 2012.

Source: IMP Awards, Yahoo! Movies

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