'Men in Black 3' Set Pic: Jemaine Clement As An Alien Easy Rider

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One of the more memorable extraterrestrials who popped up in the original Men in Black movie was that of the villainous Bug (Vincent D'Onofrio) whose "Edgar suit" was quite hilariously ill-fitting. The MIB sequel went the opposite route by featuring bad guy gal "Serleena" (Lara Flynn Boyle) whose human disguise was that of a Victoria's Secret model - but, unfortunately, the end result was considered far less amusing.

The upcoming Men in Black III returns back to the "bizarre human" design of the first film's villain with Boris: a bike-riding, time-traveling, alien brought to life by New Zealand comedic actor Jemaine Clement (The Flight of the Conchords). But will the end result be better or worse for it?

A set pic of Clement as the (according to the actor) "creepy but charming" Boris in the MIB threequel has popped up online, thanks to the NZ Herald. The character definitely looks like an old-school, Easy Rider-style rebel biker type - at least in regular human form. It also appears that the Men in Black III trailer may have also featured a brief shot of Boris in all his nasty, unhidden alien glory.

Check out a pic of Clement as Boris on the Men in Black III set, followed by an image of (what appears to be) the character's true form:

jemaine clement men black 3 villain
A creepy alien creature from 'Men in Black 3'

Clement isn't a big name in the U.S. yet; to date, his major studio efforts include a supporting role in Dinner for Schmucks and voice work on the CGI toons Despicable Me and Rio. He's not exactly the prolific character actor that D'Onofrio is, either, but Clement certainly knows how to effectively play the strange and off-beat type; hopefully, he'll prove to be one of the more memorable aspects of Men in Black III.

On that note: the MIB 3 teaser didn't seem to make all that great an impression on most people - outside of the end shot featuring Josh Brolin channeling his inner Tommy Lee Jones while playing a younger Agent K. Given the film's fairly well-known production woes, intimidating $277 million budget, and questions about just how popular the MIB movie franchise still is, it looks like Sony/Columbia has its work cut out for it - as far as ensuring that this project turns out to be profitable.

Men in Black III will be released in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on May 25th, 2012.

Source: NZ Herald (via The Playlist)

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