Men In Black 3 In Development!

We’ve had quite a bit of news arise out of this year’s ShoWest convention in Las Vegas and today we have some interesting news about Men in Black 3.

During Sony’s presentation, president Rory Bruer discussed some of the upcoming big-name projects that Sony has in the works: Spider-Man 4, Ghostbusters 3 and Men in Black 3 (all very original projects…).

Sony’s confirmation that they are developing the script for another Men in Black movie builds on the rumors we heard last year about a third movie in the franchise.

It was reported last October that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were apparently interested in suiting up for a third alien adventure and that one of the producers of the first two films was interesting in bringing everyone back together for another go.

I really enjoyed the first Men in Black and I think it worked pretty well for all audiences. It made nearly $600 million at the box office and received very strong reviews. The second one however, was a pretty big disappointment. The sequel was shot down by critics and it earned less money than the original despite a larger budget and increased marketing. In the end, Men in Black II still managed to be a financial success.

Men in Black II came out seven years ago so perhaps people will forget all the negative by the time another one hits theaters. I think for the movie to work, it has to have its two leads back in some form (perhaps they could introduce new characters for further installments?). I find it a little strange that either would want to do another one at this point in their careers, although Will Smith can sell anything so it makes sense that Sony would push for another installment and have it as a summer tent-pole release.

What do you think of another Men in Black film?

Source: JoBlo

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