20 Incredible Memes That Show DC Is Better Than Marvel

For almost eighty years, Marvel and DC comics have been locked in a never-ending rivalry. Both sides present fair arguments when it comes to determining which franchise is superior. The question of whether Marvel or DC is better, is like asking the age-old question of whether the chicken or the egg came first. The truth is that there may never be a definitive answer.

However, this does not stop fans of both franchises from presenting their arguments to explain why one is superior to the other. In this age of modern technology, what better way to express this than with memes. Fans of DC comics have come up with innovate ways through memes, to justify their reasons for why Marvel is the lesser of the two superhero franchises.

Thanks to material from the films, comics, TV, and sometimes from sources from neither Marvel or DC are used in the process to create memes that make a clear and concise point. This list will portray some of the most creative and funny memes to explain just why DC deserves to be the dominant franchise.

Here is a list of the 20 Most Savage Memes That Show Why DC Is Better Than Marvel.

20 Heath Ledger's Award

When it comes to the Marvel's movie franchises, it is no question that they produce some of the best films in contemporary culture. Especially when it comes to making a profit at the box office.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many superhero films, Marvel films, even from the MCU, are not likely to receive a nomination for an academy award, or to win an Oscar.

However, Heath Ledger proved critics wrong. Following his unforgettable performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight, Ledger received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. So regardless of how much money Marvel makes, they will never be able to top Ledger’s Oscar. Even if they somehow manage to succeed, it still won’t change the fact that Ledger was the first one to achieve this milestone through one of DC’s best villains.

19 Dafoe And Simmons Betrayal

When you hear someone talking about either Green Goblin or J. Jonah Jameson, Willem Dafoe, and J. K. Simmons are probably the first people who come to mind. J. K. Simmons is especially important for having personified Jameson on the big screen in the early Spider-Man franchise. Simmon’s portrayal of Jameson was so perfect, that he took up the role again in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series.

However, because these two are so important to Marvel, it comes as a shocking blow to see them play roles in the DCEU. Simmons appears in Justice League to play the role of Jim Gordon, while Dafoe is scheduled to play scientific advisor, Nuidis Vulko, in the upcoming Aquaman film.

There is no better way to express the shock of such betrayal, than through a scene from The Force Awakens featuring Spider-Man as the voice of anger.

18 Flash Dominates The Sorcerer Supreme

Thanks to the Eye of Agamotto (aka the Time Stone), Dr. Strange can harness its power to control time. From creating time loops to bringing his allies back from the dead, the ancient artifact makes Strange a force to be reckoned with.

However, despite his power over time, Strange is powerless against someone who is not bound by it.

Barry Allen, aka The Flash, has demonstrated multiple times throughout comics, television, and movies that time is not an obstacle for him. In the recent series, The Flash, Barry’s ability to travel through time, leads to the events of Flashpoint, which results in a new timeline. He also manages to break a time loop, and prevent the rise of the evil speedster, Savitar.

Thus, it seems appropriate for there to be a meme where Dr. Strange’s ability to manipulate time is pitted against a speedster who can run through it.

17 Batman V. Spider-Man

The idea of watching an all-out brawl between DC’s Batman and Marvel’s friendly neighborhood web slinger is an event that fans have been dying to see for ages.

Many would believe that because of his super strength, and spider sense, Spider-Man would have an advantage over Gotham’s Dark Knight. After all, even in nature, it is possible for spiders to kill bats.

However, Batman disproves this theory. With or without his powers, he always finds a way to beat his foes with his wits, gadgets, and superior fighting ability. Thus, it is no surprise that not only would Spider-Man lose to Batman, he would also end up being carried out in chains.

Let this be a lesson to those who wish to challenge the Dark Knight.

16 Brains Vs. Brawn

Being chosen to play a key role in a superhero film is one of the highest honors imaginable. However, as the old saying goes, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Playing a superhero may sound like fun and games, but in fact it requires both determination, and hard work. This meme shows the differences between how actors for Marvel films prepare for their roles compared to DCEU actors.

While it’s important for actors to be up to date on their character's comic book history, it is only a small part of the process.

Actors who take on this honor, must also be in peak physical condition, in order to handle to physical strain, the film demands of them. While brains are important, when it gets right down to it, the actors of DC take the gold for prepping their brawn to carry out their performances.

15 Think Of The Children… Or Not

When it comes to the MCU, audiences tend to see the lighter side of both villains and heroes. These traits are why Marvel characters are such a huge hit with audiences of all ages. However, DC does not sugar coat the brutality of their characters. DC’s gallery of villains are responsible for committing some of the most violent acts imaginable.

If one were to compare Loki’s actions with The Joker’s, you would see a major difference. While Loki has attempted to conquer both Earth and Asgard, he still possesses some emotional attachment to his adoptive family. Arguably, it is one of his more redeemable traits.

The Joker, on the other hand, cares little for things like friends and family. He does not care if you are an enemy or ally, if you cross him, he will kill you. Plain and simple.

14 Saitama Does Not See Marvel As A Threat

The Marvel versus DC debate has been going on for decades. Each side has their fair share of support to justify why one is better than the other. However, DC may have an advantage over Marvel thanks to an unlikely supporter. Saitama from One-Punch Man, is one of the most powerful heroes in existence. So powerful in fact, that he barely sees anything, or anyone, as a threat.

So, when someone tells him that Marvel is better than DC, he takes the time to consider everything that makes DC popular.

As you can imagine, the reasoning Saitama uses makes him perceive the statement as insignificant, just like one of Boros’ threats. Regardless of Marvel’s power and influence, this kind of blow from Saitama hurts more than a direct blow from one of his mountain destroying punches.

13 It’s All About The People

There are many reasons that explain why DC is better than Marvel. Yet there are few people who are willing to tell it like it is. Fortunately for DC, Heath Ledger’s Joker is not one of them.

Though he is a manipulator, every single one of his words is based on cold hard facts of truth. He shatters Marvel’s superiority, by pointing out that Marvel could never truly surpass DC, because of the simplest reason. Money. He points out that Marvel is all about making money, which is a big reason for its success. However, when it comes to DC films, they tend to focus more on the people, than profit.

After all, its impossible for Marvel to truly call itself DC’s superior, when it focuses its success entirely one something as immaterial as money.

12 Joker’s Bringing The Pain

When The Joker starts making threats, it’s a sign that his target will not walking away unscathed.

The Joker is manipulative, insane, and has no moral code whatsoever. If someone gets in his way, it’s a sure thing that he will probably kill that person where they stand. However, even dying by his hand, as gruesome as it may sound, stills seems preferable compared to the alternative. The only thing worse than being killed by The Joker, is being tortured by The Joker.

Once, he gets his hands on a target, he won’t be contempt to just breaking them physically. He will also break their minds as well.

No matter how strong Marvel may seem, not even it can survive a torture session with someone as twisted as The Joker.

11 Unlike Crossbones, KGBeast Has It Made

Both villains are enemies to the values of truth, justice and the American way. Due to their reputation as assassins, you’d think that Anatoli Knyazev, aka KGBeast, and Crossbones would both get equal treatment.

However, when it comes to their portrayals in both the MCU and DCEU, KGBeast appears to have it better than Crossbones. While both characters end up sharing the same fate, KGBeast has more impact as a character in Batman v. Superman than Crossbones does in Captain America: Civil War.

After all the trouble Hydra went through to bring him back from the dead, you would think he would have a more pivotal purpose in the film. Unfortunately, he dies before the film is even a quarter of the way done.

At least KGBeast, survived long enough to make it through Batman’s fight with Superman.

10 Flawed Argument

A large part of the Marvel vs DC debate seems to center mostly around comparing the success between the MCU and DCEU films. Unfortunately, the most dedicated of superhero fans know better than to just focus exclusively on films. The debate over which comic franchise is better has existed for over eighty years.

Marvel fans have become so engrossed by the success of the franchises films, that they have completely forgotten more than seven decades worth of comics that came before it.

In all honesty, as far as films go, the DCEU can do better. However, this is an entirely different story when it comes to the comics. Despite Marvel’s success in the film industry, they have yet to make a film that can rival some of DC’s iconic comic book series and storylines, like Batman: A Death in the Family or Dark Knights: Metal.

9 DC Kids vs. Marvel Kids

As a soldier, Captain America has a big problem with the idea of sending children to fight in a war zone. In this meme pulled straight from the anime series Marvel Disk Wars, Cap makes it clear that he won’t allow kids to fight in a battle meant for adults.

Although it appears that DC has opposing views regarding this subject. For many superheroes (especially Batman), children and teen heroes are frequently known for getting involved in the war against crime.

Heroes like Robin and Raven have proven to be more than a match for enemies far older than them.

Furthermore, unlike many of the X-Men, who seek guidance and instruction from Professor X, the DC hero team, the Teen Titans, has been known to conduct their operations just fine, without adult supervision.

8 Say Marvel Is Better Than DC One More Time…

As far as actors, go, no one makes more of a statement than Samuel L. Jackson. Known for portraying Nick Fury in the MCU, Jackson has become an iconic figure within the Marvel franchise.

However, it seems ironic that amid the Marvel vs. DC debate, he would do something that would offer an advantage to DC. Thanks to a scene taken straight from the film Pulp Fiction, this meme takes advantage of a pose done by Samuel L. Jackson to make a very clear point to the haters of the DC franchise.

No one is better suited to make a statement to support DC. Also, it also makes for an ideal opportunity for DC fans to really stick it to Marvel using one of their best actors against them.

7 DC’s Major Villains vs. Marvel’s Major Villains

For DC, its biggest villains are those who are symbolized as agents of chaos, that seek to cause instability from a local, to an intergalactic level.

However, when it comes to Marvel, their worst enemies do not appear to come from the pages of their comics.

The major villains of Marvel are companies that have purchased the rights of their characters.

In the past, the rights to Spider-Man belonged exclusively to Sony, while the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises were exclusive to FOX. Marvel artists were even told to avoid using character artwork, like the Fantastic Four, in their materials. Thankfully, Marvel was smart enough to retain their merchandising rights.

On the other hand, DC surpasses Marvel for having the rights to all their characters.

6 Bad In Movies, But Better In Everything Else

When it comes to the big screen, DC does not have the best track record compared to its rival Marvel. However, while it may fail on the big screen, it more than makes up for it in other mediums. DC still comes out as Marvel’s equal, if not superior, when it comes to its comics.

However, when it comes to video games and its animated films and series, DC is the clear winner.

DC has been responsible for the production of the Injustice video game series, which also branches of into a comic occurring in the same universe. It also has its own animated movie universe with a vast collection of memorable titles, including an upcoming film titled Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay. The field of animation for DC even branches off into television with unforgettable series like Justice League, Static Shock, and Teen Titans.

5 Batman’s Got This!

Superman is one of DC’s strongest heroes. With his vast arsenal of powers, Superman defends the planet from threats ranging from corrupt politicians like Lex Luthor to alien dictators like Darkseid. However, Superman has proven several times that he can be corrupted and tempted by the power he wields. That is why when it comes to mental fortitude, even he falls short when compared to the likes of Batman.

Though he has no superpowers, Batman has proven to be able to do things that even Superman has failed to accomplish. It only makes sense that Batman would be the one to take on Marvel’s strongest superhero team, the Avengers.

While they may have the number’s, even they can’t escape unscathed against the man who beat Superman on several occasions.

4 Great Filmmaking vs. Popcorn Flick

The Avengers was one of the most highly anticipated films of 2012. The Avengers marked the beginning of the MCU’s expansion of its universe, by bringing together heroes from different films to confront a major threat. There is no denying that The Avengers is a good film.

However, there are those who argue that it falls short when compared to the Dark Knight Rises, which has several qualities that put The Avengers to shame.

One example is that it focuses on the struggle of the leading character, Batman, and his attempts to overcome his personal struggles to save Gotham and its citizens. Another example is its villain. Unlike Loki, who has delusions of grandeur, Bane only cares about proving himself by destroying Gotham and everyone in it.

The Avengers may focus on beginnings, but Dark Knight Rises is about the end of Batman. That makes it nearly impossible to beat.

3 Compliments from Batman

Both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark serve as the poster boys for the image of the traditional billionaire superhero archetype. Both are incredibly smart and crazy rich with access to virtually unlimited resources that they use to perform their jobs as superheroes.

In the larger conflict between Marvel and DC, it was only a matter of time before these two heroes got personally involved in the fight. Though Tony and Bruce are equal on several levels, it does not change the fact that Bruce relies more on his strength to fight than Tony, who relies more on his series of Iron Man armors to fight crime.

Thus, it seems appropriate for Bruce to prove his superiority over Tony. What better way to do this, than with a bomb.

2 From Humans To Gods, And From Gods To Humans

Both Justice League and The Avengers are superhero teams who fight for the good of mankind. Yet, they see themselves differently within their respective franchises.

In Marvel, The Avengers seek to protect their world from powerful threats by obtaining more power, and artifacts that would effectively make them akin to gods. On the DC side of the spectrum, the Justice League is composed of individuals who are perceived by people as actual gods.

However, unlike the Avengers, who seek to become gods, The Justice League attempts to make themselves more human.

They prefer coexistence with the people they protect, over getting more power. Both teams have noble goals, but when it comes down to it, the League’s desire to be treated equally alongside their fellow humans, trumps the Avenger’s desire for power.

1 The Slayer Of  Black Widow

As far as assassins go, Black Widow has proven herself to be more than a match to even the most powerful of enemies. In The Avengers, Widow proves that she is smart enough to trick a God of Mischief and strong enough to hold her own against alien invaders, whose base power is leagues above that of a regular human.

With their technology and overwhelming numbers, the Chitauri present a major threat to the Earth. However, as far as aliens go, they are far from being considered the strongest. Thus, Widow’s accomplishments against them can at best be attributed to their over-reliance on technology.

Unfortunately for Black Widow, she would not last long against stronger alien species. In the case of the rogue Kryptonians from Man of Steel in the DCEU, Black Widow would surely be defeated.


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