Melissa McCarthy Starring In New Action Comedy Super-Intelligence

Melissa McCarthy in Spy

Melissa McCarthy is reteaming with her director husband Ben Falcone for the upcoming action comedy Super-Intelligence. McCarthy, who first gained notices for her work on the CBS sitcom Mike and Molly, found her career rocketing toward the stratosphere after her uproarious Oscar-nominated turn in 2011 in the blockbuster comedy Bridesmaids. The film marked the first collaboration between McCarthy and director Paul Feig, who discovered the actress' gift for physical comedy.

Following Bridesmaids, McCarthy and Feig reteamed for the action comedies The Heat, Spy and Ghostbusters, and now, it appears McCarthy will be diving into the genre once again with another frequent collaborator in Falcone.

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According to THR, Falcone has signed on to direct McCarthy in the upcoming action comedy Super-Intelligence, which will again star the comedy stalwart in the lead role. The film has been in the works since last year, when Falcone was only attached in a producer's role. THR says McCarthy will play Carol Peters in Super-Intelligence, which is about "a former corporate executive whose earnest yet unfulfilled life is turned upside down when she is selected for observation by the world’s first super-intelligence — an artificial intelligence that may or may not take over the world."

Set to be filmed at New Line, Super-Intelligence will mark the fourth collaboration between McCarthy and Falcone. The director, who generally shows up in cameos in all of McCarthy's films (starting with his under-cover air marshal agent in Bridesmaids), previously directed his wife in the comedies Tammy (2014)The Boss (2016) and the upcoming Life of the Party, which is set to be released through New Line on May 11. THR says Steve Mallory, who scripted The Boss, is writing the script for Super-Intelligence, and the film is set to begin production in July.

While some of their previous collaborations are stronger than others, there's no question that Falcone and McCarthy have developed a rhythm in creating entertaining comedies. Of course, there is a danger of dipping back into the comedy well once too often, but the sci-fi angle of Super-Intelligence may be just enough to set it apart from Falcone and McCarthy's previous films together.

Taking into consideration McCarthy's films with both Falcone and Feig, there's no doubt the celebrated actress is  on the precipice of over-exposing herself as a comedy performer. She's extremely talented in the genre, to be sure, but there will come a time where she'll have to start expanding her creative wings a bit. It appears that she's taking her first step in that direction August 17 with Happytime Murders  which is being billed as a crime comedy and is further stepping outside of the zone in October as a scheming celebrity biographer in the dramatic comedy Can You Ever Forgive Me?

As for fans who are looking for McCarthy to try something completely different, they will finally be getting it with The Kitchen, a crime drama based on DC/Vertigo Comics' seven-issue comic book miniseries of the same name. THR says McCarthy will go before cameras with Tiffany Haddish for The Kitchen before she films Super-Intelligence with Falcone.

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Source: THR

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