Mel Gibson Is 'The Colonel'


However, true movie stars rarely come along anymore. The last proper movie star to come our way must have been Will Smith and that was almost 15 years ago.

Mel Gibson is a real star and he's been off our screens for seven years! Well this year he returns in Edge of Darkness and The Colonel.

Now we can show you a trailer for the epic tale of love and revenge that follows the life of the legendary Colonel Sanders (of KFC fame). The biopic is from the producers of Braveheart and Step Up 2: The Streets.

Check it out below - it's finger lickin' good!

Okay, okay it's a comedy skit from Mad Mel's appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, but you have to admit it's damn funny. Gibson is a man famous for his wild sense of humor, which is apparent in this fun mock trailer - "We're gonna need a bigger bucket." Priceless.

Just don't mention Malibu.

Source: Joblo

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