Mel Gibson & Shane Black Re-Teaming for 'Cold Warrior'

Tomorrow brings the release of the thriller, Edge of Darkness, which marks the first time Mel Gibson has acted in a movie in seven years (since the Robert Downey Jr. starring The Singing Detective), and the first time he's taken a lead role since M. Night Shyamalan's Signs. Now we learn that Gibson has added more to his upcoming acting slate as he's in talks to star in Shane Black's Cold Warrior.

Heat Vision Blog reports the news that Gibson is in negotiations to star in the lead role in Cold Warrior, a film about an ex-Cold War spy who comes out of retirement and teams up with a younger agent to stop a Russian terrorism threat. The project would reunite Gibson with Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black, who went on to direct the fantastic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The script is written by Chuck Mondry and it's being produced by Michael Manning, David Greenblatt and Anthony Bagarozzi. There's no word on who the younger agent would be but I'm going to guess right now that Sam Worthington's name will be rumored at one point (as usual).

The deal is still in the early stages, but it does further Gibson's plan to get himself out from behind the camera and remind audiences that he can still lead a movie. Along with Cold Warrior he's also wrapped the Jodie Foster-directed comedy, The Beaver, and his next acting project, the prison-set thriller How I Spent My Summer Vacation, is currently in pre-production.

Gibson used to be a fairly prolific leading man with films like the Mad Max trilogy, Braveheart, Ransom, Payback and of course the Lethal Weapon franchise. For the last decade, though, Gibson has been flexing his directing muscles with the controversial The Passion of the Christ and the thrilling chase movie Apocalypto (both done in languages that are rarely used anymore in day-to-day life).

I'm glad to see Gibson back starring in movies and not just making them (although he already has a Viking movie in the works set to star Leonardo DiCaprio). If Edge of Darkness does well enough at the box office (which I suspect it will have no problem doing), then we can expect to see more Gibson-lead films beyond The Beaver, How I Spent My Summer Vacation and Cold Warrior. Terrific news in my eyes.

Are you excited to see Gibson re-team with Black for Cold Warrior? Are you glad Gibson is back leading movies or do you think he should stick to directing now?

No word on when we might see Cold Warrior. Edge of Darkness hits theaters tomorrow (Friday).

Source: THR's Heat Vision Blog

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