Mel Gibson Shows His 'Beaver' In Public!

The jokes...ahem... come thick and fast when talking about Jodie Foster's The Beaver (which she directs and co-stars in). Mel Gibson stars as a depressed man who communicates through a hand puppet of the titular creature (see pic above).

The dramedy has now started shooting and the first images of Gibson on set with his hand inserted into his famous co-star are now online - I'm talking about the puppet! Get your head out of the gutter.


They images depict Mel Gibson wearing a beaver hand puppet and that is enough for me!

It's been too long since Mad Mel graced our screens, and if he needs a crazy puppet appendage to help him make that return then that's okay by me. Although, if anyone else calls Jodie Foster a crazy appendage then I won't be happy. ZING!

Just imagine if all Mel's films featured a beaver in the title? wouldn't that be fun? Oh heck, now we HAVE to do it:

The Passion Of The Beaver, Lethal Beaver, Mad Beaver, Bravebeaver, Forever Beaver, Conspiracy Beaver, What Beavers Want, We Were Beaver, Air Beaver, The Beaver Without A Face,  Beaver On A Wire, Paybeaver, Beaver Sunrise, The Singing Beaver and The Million Dollar Beaver.

Wow, that was juvenile - yet so very, very, satisfying :-) .

See more shots of Mel and his beaver at D Listed.

The Beaver opens next year (if Jodie Foster doesn't make a fist of things!).

Mel Gibson will next be seen in The Edge of I mean Edge of Darkness.

Source: D Listed

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