Mel Gibson Bashes Skulls in 'Edge of Darkness' Trailer

The first trailer for the Mel Gibson action/drama Edge of Darkness is out and it looks good. Edge of Darkness features Gibson as a Boston detective who uncovers a conspiracy while investigating the death of his activist daughter. The film was written by William Monahan (The Departed) and was directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale).

(Fun fact: The part played by Ray Winstone was originally supposed to be played by Robert De Niro who dropped out of the film in its early stages.)

Check out the trailer and a poster for the film below:

[wpvideo DiIiL1pX w=570]

In recent years, it seems Mel Gibson's personal life has clouded his considerable talents as an actor and director. Love him or hate him, there's no denying that, even at the age of 53, Gibson is one of Hollywood's most credible action stars. I am looking forward to seeing him back on the screen (it's been six years since he last starred in a film) doing what he does best.

What do you think? Does the first trailer make you excited for the film?

Edge of Darkness hits theaters January 29th, 2010.

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