Supergirl Image Reveals Mehcad Brooks as Guardian

Guardian Mechad Brooks

The season 2 premiere of Supergirl had a lot of big surprises and nostalgic callbacks for fans, but one new development caught many by surprise: While the budding romance between Kara Danvers and Mehcad Brooks' James (formerly "Jimmy") Olsen was a major component of the series' first season on CBS, this very first episode of The CW incarnation featured Kara abruptly putting the brakes on the relationship in what felt like an uncharacteristic, oddly-timed fashion -- especially as there didn't appear to be a narrative purpose for doing so.

However, it was subsequently revealed that Brooks' character will be taking a major turn in the new season -- and now we know what that turn will look like.

As already revealed, Olsen will become the TV incarnation of longtime DC superhero The Guardian. Check out this first look at the costume - which trades in the classic blue and gold design for a silver tactical-armor look - below:

Supergirl Mehcad Brooks Guardian

Originally created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon in 1942 for Star-Spangled Comics #7, The Guardian (sometimes called The Golden Guardian) was a police officer named Jim Harper who donned a blue and gold armored costume and carried a shield reminiscent of a policeman's badge to exact vigilante justice against criminals he was unable to prosecute by traditional legal means with the help of paperboy street-informants known as The Newsboy Legion. In later DC continuity, he was established to be the great-uncle of Green Arrow sidekick/inheritor Roy Harper. When Kirby returned to DC in the '70s to write the interrelated Fourth World books (chiefly involving The New Gods, Darkseid and The Tomorrow People) he reintroduced the Newsboy Legion characters as adults as part of a storyline in his Jimmy Olsen solo comic that also brought a new Guardian into the continuity.

In 2005, writer Grant Morrison debuted a new version of the character based in New York City and known as The Manhattan Guardian as part of his Seven Soldiers miniseries. This version, real name Jake Jordan, is arguably the most visible recent incarnation owing to a featured role on the cult-hit animated series Young Justice. It is unknown at this time what role Supergirl's version of the character will play in relation to these prior incarnations, though the plan is for fellow supporting character Winn to become The Guardian's confidant in a role similar to that of the original Newsboy Legion members.


Supergirl continues next Monday with 'The Last Children of Krypton' @8pm on The CW.

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