Meghan Markle’s Friend Defends Her Against Critics Shaming Her Swimsuit Photos

Meghan Markle and Jessica Mulroney

Meghan Markle’s friend, Jessica Mulroney, defends her against critics shaming her swimsuit photos. The new royal has had an uphill battle trying to fit in which she spoke about on her and Prince Harry's documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey and has now started to get her friends attacked just by association.

The Duchess has had a hard time making a good impression with her new following thanks to marrying the prince of her dreams. The Duchess has recently opened up about how hard the transition to motherhood has been for her while in the public eye. Mulroney met Markle when she was pre-royalty, back in 2011, and the two have been besties ever since. Mulroney's children, Ivy, Brian, and John even attended the royal wedding. Mulroney, who also happens to be a stylist, reportedly helped Markle pick out the right wedding dress designer. However, haters continue to hate. Back in August, Mulroney stood up for her best friend, Markle when the Duchess received a hostile response for using a private jet to fly to the south of France with her husband, Prince Harry. The TV host said that what her friend was having to deal with was a form of bullying and it was unfair to continuously call out Markle.

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Even the Duchess’s good friends can not escape the criticism that comes along with rubbing elbows with a royal. Markle's longtime BFF, Jessica Mulroney, who hosted I Do Redo became the victim of trolls thanks to her posting a photo of herself in a bikini. During her vacation to the Cayman Islands, the TV host wore an orange one-piece cut-out suit and, for some reason or another, was body-shamed relentlessly after she posted a picture to Instagram.  See the bikini post below:

She then went back to Instagram to clap back at haters by posting a quote, which read, "Note to self. Never ever post another picture of myself in a bathing suit. Only wear parkas by the beach." The TV personality then added a long caption, she jokes, "Apparently a picture in a bathing suit is offensive to my career, some followers, the charities I work with and my children." Mulroney continued, "But guess what... I don’t care. Thank you to my supportive followers who stand up to body shaming. Everyone else, get a clue."

According to Mulroney, it has been three years of undeserved abuse that has been hurled towards her best friend that came out on Harry and Meghan: An African Journey. The TV-personality posted on her social media that it was enough, and the royal couple deserved a break from the constant hatred being spewed toward her. While others may not agree with Mulroney’s take on the situation, most royal couple watchers can agree that Markle has not made it easy for herself to blend in with the antiquated ways of the British. Hopefully, this new year will be a brighter one for the two BFFs.

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Source: Jessica Mulroney

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