First Look At Megatron From Transformers 2?

Just over a week ago, we found out we would not be getting a full trailer for the sequel to Transformers until next May. And why should we when when the movie is marketed, shared and hyped for free with the simple appearance of a set photo, a fan-made concept shot, or a rumor of a certain Autobot or Decepticon's appearance?

So, faithfully adding to that mix, we have some images which may be giving us a first look at Megatron, and maybe answer whether he will be making a return in the sequel. Transformers World 2005 scored some images that are supposedly concept art from Transformers 2.

Take a look and see what you think:

The new design for Megatron pays tribute to Galvatron (the recreation of Megatron) and could represent "The Fallen" for which the film is titled. We know from the first movie that Bay doesn't utilize character names properly so this could be the case here. There is already confusion over how Devastator will appear in the sequel if they called some other character that in the first, as well as including one of his component Constructicons in Bonecrusher.

The vehicle shown in the images is designed in the alien protoform style we saw in the first film and the pictures appear to originate from toy packaging. The tank itself looks pretty cool but having Megatron's face centered and sticking out between the treads looks ridiculous. The concept of "vehicle mode" is that the transformers are not robots, but vehicles - and having his face stick out doesn't really fit.

I can only imagine that if these are legit, Megatron's pretty face is there for all of us to see to make him intimidating and allow him to give a little monologue while demolishing things with that mixer whisk of a cannon.

If this vehicle appears in the film, I hope it's not for long. I would like to see Megatron/Galvatron/Fallen or whoever get a proper vehicle mode that follows the "robots in disguise" motto - I mean, that's the only reason these robots and the movie are called Transformers.

However after all that, keep in mind, we did hear from Mr. Michael Bay a few months back that misinformation about the sequel would be leaked intentionally to throw off fans. Therefore this could include fake scripts, false reports and yes, even fabricated concept art or images which this could easily fall under.

So, what do you think? Do you dig Megatron's new outfit? Are these images even real?

Source: Transformers World 2005 via Latino Review

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