Megan Fox Will Live Through Transformers 3

Over the last little while we've seen a little bit of a public make-up session between Megan Fox and Transformers director Michael Bay.

Throughout the summer, leading up to and following the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, there was a ton of controversy and news reports following Megan Fox and what she had to say about the robot movies and their helmsman, Bay.

Some thought this might prevent or limit her role in Transformers 3 and that Michael Bay would act out of revenge and kill off her character. Of course, this was all unjustified and simply over-exaggerated out of the hype surrounding the film's success this summer.

In July for instance, Fox said that working for Bay doesn't involve acting and that he puts them through a boot camp-like experience just because it amuses him. In reply, Bay tossed her comments aside emphasizing that she's young and doesn't know what she's saying, while taking credit for giving her the career, fame and fortune she has now.

This was one of many examples of Fox lashing out and other examples including her referring to him as "Hitler" in his style of directing. However, we're seeing a different voice from her now (Public Relations) with her apology/show of appreciation she gave in her speech at this year's Scream Awards.

Some have speculated that Megan Fox would - possibility as a result of this - have her character of Mikaela in Transformers 3 killed off by Bay, but there was little truth to that. Bay recently revealed otherwise in an interview with USA Today, confirming that she will be back in a "great role" for the next installment.

“I love her... It’s just, she’s young. Everyone’s got to give her a break, she only…23? It’s just hard. I’ve traveled around the world with her and she’s just like this world symbol now, you know?”

“She called me (after the Hitler comment) and goes, ‘It’s all bullsh—t, Mike.’ The press, they just like to prey, and stalk, and pounce and find a good little juicy thing. But she’s always wanted to do these crazy comments. That’s just her. She’s great.”

“She’s got a great part in Transformers 3.”

Does that great part involve young Mikaela Banes being stepped on by a Decepticon? “No, no. no,” he responded followed by a witty “She gets enough of that already.”

So, there you have it. It wouldn't make sense for Fox or co-star Shia LaBeouf to be killed off in TF3 with the build-up of their relationship in the movies thus far. They are the main connection to the younger moviegoers and if they ever make a fourth installment, they'd probably want to have her make a (living) appearance.

That being said, it doesn't matter. The vast majority of moviegoers are there for the action and the robots.

What do you want from Transformers 3?

Transformers 3 will be rushed for a July 1, 2011 opening.

Source: USA Today

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