Fox Says She Quit Transformers 3; Replacements Announced

Megan Fox claims she left Transformers 3

The Megan Fox debacle continues to make headlines with constant updates, and now the Transformers star claims leaving Transformers 3 was her idea. As Fox's representatives clean up the mess of her canceled role in Transformers 3, Michael Bay is already hunting for her replacement.

Three of the four names announced are swimsuit models. Go figure. Is this a film or a moving billboard?

Before we get into Fox's potential replacement, her rebuttal to yesterday's news continues to raise eyebrows. Of course, the reports have come straight from her representatives (a.k.a. the spin squad). Fox is still trying to dig out of her own grave, so she is too busy to speak for herself.

Fox's agents told People Magazine it was the actress' decision to leave Transformers 3. Any time representatives make generic statements like this, the facts are not exactly clear-cut. But you have to hand it to them, they got the last word - for now.

“Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3…It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

Megan Fox left Transformers 3

Fox hiding from her problems?

Typically, when performers leave a production it is due to scheduling conflicts or creative differences. It is hard to forget the controversial head-butting between Fox and Bay before Transformers 2. But if they had a falling out, why was she even considered for the third film? She was already seen on set only weeks ago, but maybe the actress was simply bidding farewell to Bumblebee ;-).

Of course, the Transformers franchise is not successful due to Fox. Rather, her career is successful because of Transformers. Her upcoming role in Jonah Hex doesn't look like a big break into meaty acting opportunities, but at least she can rid herself of the Transformers shackles. Time will tell if this is good for her career or another nail in its coffin.

So, how do you replace one of the most beautiful cardboard cutouts in show business? Well, it looks like Bay's initial reaction was to hire a swimsuit model. Or maybe he was just reading the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition when the studio asked him for names.

On the short list of ladies is Bar Refaeli, Miranda Kerr and Brooklyn Decker. Decker will actually begin her acting career in Just Go With It, releasing February 11th, 2011. Miranda Kerr has yet to cross over into film, but Bar Refaeli already has a big name attached to her resume. The girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio just finished her movie debut with Session, set for a September 5th release this year.

There is an actual actress at the top of the short replacement list. Gemma Arterton burst on the scene with an oil-covered corpse in Quantum of Solace. Since then, Arterton has made a name for herself in the action genre with recent roles in Clash of the Titans and the upcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Gemma Arterton's memorable death scene from Quantum of Solace

Arterton would be a reasonable fit to replace Fox. The studio's main focus will be to maintain the beauty of its leading lady. They should realize there are actually beautiful women in Hollywood who have more experience with acting (see Natalie Portman). But Michael Bay has a penchant for creating superstars, so don't shrug off the swimsuit models. They fit the mold of beautiful newbies for Bay to unleash upon Hollywood.

What do you think about today's updates? Do you believe Megan Fox chose to leave Transformers 3? Do the possible replacements strike fear in your hearts or are they a welcome change? Share your thoughts with us.

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Transformers 3 will hit theaters on July 1, 2011.

Source: People via /Film, The Playlist

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