Megan Fox Insists 'Fathom' Movie Will Be Made

Speaking with MTV News about her role in Jonah Hex, actress Megan Fox also addressed the status of the long in-development Fathom movie.

Fox signed on to play Aspen, the film’s main character, in March of last year - which gave the project some much needed momentum after several disappointing takes on the material. Her deal also made her a co-producer alongside her boyfriend/fiancé/whatever they are this week, Brian Austin-Green.

The Fathom comic book was created by Michael Turner (who passed away in June of 2008 after a long fight with bone cancer) and follows the adventures of Aspen Matthews - an amnesic, super-powered mermaid.

While there’s been very little news on the film in recent months, Fox insists Fathom will still be made at some point- even if it means someone else taking the lead role.

"That's going to happen even if I have to step away from it and give it to someone else… That movie will happen, just because I love it and it needs to happen."

This isn’t meant to insinuate that Fox has vacated the role or is about to. She assures fans that they’re working on the script and for the moment things are running smoothly. While that doesn’t indicate that much progress has been made since the last time we received a status update , the project is still moving crawling forward - at least for now. In lieu of her departure from Transformers 3, perhaps this will leave Fox more time to work on Fathom.

Fathom (Aspen)

Fox closed out the interview by touching on the rumors of her involvement in the Red Sonja film:

"Is that coming back around? There were talks of it a while ago, but as far as I knew, someone else was already doing it … I didn't realize that was open again."

Fox’s name had previously come up after director Douglas Aarniokoski and star Rose McGowan were dropped in favor of taking a different approach to the film. At the time her publicist denied her involvement but the above comment seems to indicate at least a small level of interest.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments with Fathom and Red Sonja. In the meantime, you can check out Megan in Jonah Hex starting this Friday.

What are your thoughts on a Fox-less Fathom movie? Is she a good fit for the lead role or are you hoping she’ll step aside and let someone else take over?

Source: MTV News via Splash Page.

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