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The first teaser trailer for DreamWorks Animation's Megamind is out and besides a star-studded cast, it looks like superhero fun for the whole family. DreamWorks Animation is truly giving the competition a run for its money this year with three releases (the other two being How To Train Your Dragon & Shrek Forever After) to overwhelm Pixar's big fish (Toy Story 3). It will be interesting to see how everything plays out considering the first feature hits theaters this weekend with critics and bloggers drooling over How To Train Your Dragon.

Megamind features the voice work of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and Ben Stiller. The great Hans Zimmer composed the film's score, which is even more reason to get excited. Latino Review provides the film's synopsis:

"When super villain Megamind (Ferrell) defeats his archrival Metro Man (Pitt), the world should be his oyster. But instead Megamind falls into total despair. It turns out that life without a rival is life without a point for him. So, he creates a new superhero rival, Titan (Hill). Unfortunately, the new hero wants to be a super villain, too. Caught in the middle, star reporter Roxanne Ritchi (Fey) asks the tough questions: Who can we turn to? Who has what it takes to stand up to this menace? Who will defend the innocent? Megamind! That's who."

That would actually make a great plot for The Joker in Batman 3, if they make an unlikely decision to return the character. Regardless, the story seems quite different from the trailer, which is promoting itself as more like The Mask than what you read above. Will Ferrell acting like a pompous, attention-loving maniac is pretty appealing and has worked in the past (Anchorman). With a great cast around him, it should be yet another hit for animation. Check out the teaser below:

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Water Cooler Trivia: After this weekend, DreamWorks Animation will have released twice as many films (20/10) in three fewer years than Pixar.

Megamind hits theaters November 5, 2010. The movie should cap off a successful year for DreamWorks, which also includes How To Train Your Dragon (March 26) and Shrek Forever After (May 21).

Source: Yahoo Movies! via Latino Review

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