First Five Minutes of ‘Megamind’

First Five Minutes Of Megamind

Megamind hopes to win at the box office with a cast of lovable comedy all-stars, and an endearingly witless, evil genius, title character.

However, if that isn't enough, DreamWorks is offering up the first five minutes of the film - to convince any non-believers.

A recent Megamind trailer revealed the plot - Megamind (Will Ferrell), the incredibly handsome criminal genius, and master of all villainy, attempts to permanently defeat his lifelong nemeses Metro Man (Brad Pitt) - only to discover that success results in losing all purpose and meaning in his life.

Tina Fey plays Roxanne Ritchi, a smart as a whip, down-to-earth, journalist - and Metro Man’s girlfriend. She has suffered repeated kidnappings at the hands of Megamind, which have now become routine. Jonah Hill plays Titan, the man who steps in as the new arch-rival for Megamind - following the demise of Metro Man. When Titan discovers that villainy is far more entertaining than do-goodery, the tables turn and Megamind must adjust his entire world-view.

Now, Nickelodeon has unveiled a sneak-peak of the first five minutes of the film to stir audience interest as the release date approaches. The opening outlines the birth of the rivalry between Megamind and Metro Man and establishes Megamind as a sympathetic character.

Watch the first five minutes of Megamind here:

The film is the second animated movie this year with a villain as the protagonist. The Steve Carell voiced Despicable Me came out this July to overwhelmingly positive audience and critical reception. Despicable Me was an “old-villain learns new tricks” story, in which Carell’s rival was another villain rather than a hero, and his revelation came in the form of three adorable girl tots.

Megamind opens with more of a Dr. Horrible approach. The audience follows the journey of the super-villain, set up against an obnoxiously arrogant hero. However, the stories will likely differ in their conclusion. We can imagine that Megamind will take a journey (kicking and screaming) to the side of justice, whereas Dr. Horrible found himself far more deeply immersed in the world of evil-doing by the end of his story.

With a hilariously talented and charming cast, Megamind looks to have the potential to be the fun, heart-warming family film that it set out to be.

Megamind hits theaters November 5th.

Source: Nickelodeon

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