Extended Comic-Con Trailer for 'Megamind'

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DreamWork's Megamind was featured at the 2010 Comic-Con this past week and left an impression on attendees - if only because the film's panel featured Will Ferrell wearing a blue ball on his head and fully dressed in the titular villain's costume.

The footage shown at the event amounted to an extended trailer for the 3D animated pic, and is now available online for everyone to view.

Megamind (voiced by Ferrell) is a blue-skinned alien who journeyed to Earth as a child - after the destruction of his home world a la Superman. The official trailer for the film revealed that Megamind's experience parallels that of the dashing Metro Man (Brad Pitt) - who grew up to become a savior for humanity and Megamind's arch-nemesis.

It's your average hero/villain conflict, complete with the standard, alliteratively-named damsel in distress - Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey), who always gets caught between the two alien beings.

The twist? This time around, Megamind actually manages to defeat his righteous opponent.

What's a diabolical mastermind to do - having beaten his ultimate rival? In Megamind, the answer is dance in the streets with his boombox, run around the city in a giant robot, and disguise himself as Marlon Brando's version of Jor-El - while creating a new superhero (Jonah Hill) for him to fight, duh.

See what I mean by checking out the Comic-Con footage below:

So far, the animation in Megamind looks pretty cartoony and the latest clip does not feature too much in the way of 3D gimmickry. As a result, the film looks likes an overall harmless, if only mildly amusing, romp with Ferrell, Fey, Hill, and Pitt lending their voice to the same character-types they tend to play in live-action fare.

Could this be the kind of hit for DreamWorks that Despicable Me has been for Universal?  We'll see when it crash-lands on earth in a few months.

Megamind is set to show in 2D, 3D, and IMAX theaters in the U.S. beginning November 5th, 2010.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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