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Mega Man Game Art with Robots

Fan made movies, clips and short films on low budgets are quickly becoming my favorite thing to watch, and the reason why is pretty easy to discern. Just watch some of the most recent videos we’ve put up and you’ll no doubt start becoming a fan as well.

Original short films like Panic Attack, The Gift and The Raven are prime examples of the kind of big-time results small-time directors can produce, but that’s usually the norm for original content. Video game fans, however, have long been disappointed with the result of Hollywood’s attempt to take their favorite game and adapt it for the big screen, although the upcoming Prince of Persia: Sands of Time could be the first film to break that mold.

Well lately some very talented amateur movie makers, who just happen to also be video game fans, have taken it upon themselves to put an end to the bad video game movie trend. Watch the Pac-Man short film or the recently released Street Fighter Legacy and Beginnings End to see just what can be done when big studios don’t stick their uneducated fingers into the pie.

Amateur film maker Eddie Lebron wants to continue this trend with his latest release of a full-length Mega Man movie. This isn’t a 30-second teaser or a 3-minute clip of a particular scene; this is a full 90 (N-I-N-E-T-Y), minutes of a well-thought-out and well-executed film. We have both the trailer and the full video below:

Here's the official story for the Mega Man movie:

In the year 20XX, Dr. Thomas Light, an Nobel Prize winning professor in the field of Robotics, creates a series of 6 revolutionary robots entitled the “Robot Master Series DRN” in an effort to use robotics as a mean to better mankind. As a personal project, Dr. Light creates 2 androids named Roll (a female) and Rock (a male) who are made to be as human as possible from appearance to behavior. Rock and Roll are, however, also created due to Light’s goal to have the children he was never able to have.

Meanwhile, after the creation of the series gains Light his Nobel Prize in Physics and notoriety, his partner and colleague, Dr. Albert Wily, grows enraged and jealous of Light’s success. Secretly, a man who wants control and power. Dr. Wily decides to reprogram and steal the robot master series to do his bidding so he can wreak havoc and gain control of the city. As Wily begins to steal more of Light’s creations, it becomes clear to him he has the resources to systemically gain more and more control in an effort to reach his ultimate goal: total world domination.

With a strong sense of duty and regard for humanity, Rock volunteers to receive a battle upgrade in an effort to battle Wily’s forces, thus donning the name “Megaman”. The battle for humanity is now between Megaman and all the bots at Wily’s disposal.

I’ve watched just about the entire film and I was hooked from the beginning. The story is, for the most part, completely believable - the acting doesn’t come across as “hammy” or "cheesy" and the SFX are very well done. There are places where the audio feels tinny and the acoustics are distracting, but those are minor gripes on an otherwise extremely enjoyable film.

Lebron served as writer, director, producer and editor for Mega Man and I don’t know who Daniel James is, but the guy has a real future in film scores. The music for the film flows nicely from scene to scene and it doesn’t feel like an afterthought. The final song at the end is pushing it a bit, but I’ll let it slide. This also seems to be a father and son project, because Eddie Lebron Sr. is listed in the producing credits.

mega man fan made movie

The film isn’t perfect by any means, but there are plenty of scenes where I could tell that, given a larger budget, Lebron could have made something extraordinary. One scene that stands out is the “Systems Check” scene, when we are first introduced to “Rock” (Mega Man’s real name).  In the movie he just turns his head to the side for a couple of seconds and then says “All systems check OK”. With a budget, that scene would have easily been done in CGI from an inside view of Mega Man’s internal workings.

The movie has some great Mega Man lore in it and even includes Roll from the game. Other robots are Elecman, Fireman, Iceman, Gutsman, Bombsman and Cutman. There is a special appearance by one more robot but I’ll leave that as a surprise for you to watch on your own.

One note, actor Dave Maulbeck gives a wonderful performance as the evil Dr. Albert Wiley. Some of the dialog between him and his computer is hilarious.

Here’s the full film below or you can watch it at Vimeo:

Did you like the trailer for the fan-made Mega Man and do you think this could work on the big screen with a larger budget for CGI?

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