Meet The Spartans Box Office = Sign Of The Apocalypse

Are you freaking kidding me? Meet the Spartans is number one at the box office this weekend?

It's estimated that it brought in $18.7MM vs second place Rambo at $18.2MM. Cloverfield fell 68% from last weekend - a second week drop of that magnitude usually means that a movie has received horrible word of mouth advertising. I knew it was going to split audiences big time into love it or hate it, but it seems that everyone who was going to see it went on opening weekend.

I'm curious to see how Rambo holds up in it's second weekend: Will word of mouth bless it or bash it? Of course next weekend is the Super Bowl so movie receipts will no doubt be down regardless.

But back to the title of this article... Are people really THAT desperate for anything resembling a comedy that they pushed Spartans over the top? Or dare I say that people just have incredibly low standards?

If there's a huge drop next week for that movie there may still be hope for mankind - but if it only drops about 50% I will weep for the future of cinema since it will encourage studios to pump out more dreck.

I mean seriously... Meet the Spartans is sitting at a 5% favorable rating at and even over at where the voters are much more forgiving, it's currently sitting at only 2.6/10.

Of course I'm supremely confident that no regular Screen Rant readers contributed to this box office travesty...

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