Exclusive: Meet The 3 Newest Female Transformers

Hasbro has revealed the newest entries in its Transformers: Generations line - three powerful female Autobot warriors, Elita-1, Novastar, and Moonracer. The heroines will play into the multimedia Power of the Primes story arc, the conclusion of the Generations Prime Wars trilogy that began with Combiner Wars and Titans Return.

Fittingly for the fan-oriented Generations line, all three characters have their roots near the very beginning of the Transformers mythos. Elita-1 first appeared as the leader of an Autobot resistance cell on Cybertron in the Generation 1 episode "The Search For Alpha Trion," with Novastar and Moonracer serving as two of her lieutenants. It was the first time female Transformers had appeared in the franchise and offered a glimpse into an unexplored corner of the Cybertronian war.

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Despite their appearance in the franchise as early as 1985, the Generation 1 versions of the trio have never had their own dedicated action figures - until now. Novastar and Moonracer will join the Generations line as deluxe sized figures, while Elita-1 will get the slightly bigger Voyager treatment. While toy shelves have been fairly bereft of female action figures for the majority of the franchise's existence, the Generations line has been making up for lost time; Elita-1 and friends will join the likes of Arcee, Chromia, Windblade, and the combiner team Victorion in the Autobots' growing female ranks.

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The trio of female Autobots look to play a role in the upcoming Power of the Primes animated series from Machinima, which will feature the voice talents of Ron Perlman and Mark Hamill as Optimus Primal and Megatronus, respectively. They've already been playing significant roles in IDW's much beloved Generation 1 comics. In that iteration, each comes from a different Cybertronian colony; Novastar from the spiritual and artistic Camiens, Moonracer from the high-strung, speed obsessed Velocitrons, and Elita-1 from the nomadic Carcerians. Each plays a different angle in the unfolding control for post-war Cybertron, which has largely been ruled by the politically deft Starscream while Optimus Prime has been trying to usher Earth into a more prominent place on the intergalactic stage.

Integrating female Transformers into not only the franchise's mythos, but also its toy lines is a no-brainer, as the line has always been popular with young girls despite its paucity of identifiably female characters - Generation 1's Arcee and Beast Wars' Blackarachnia being the only major players in both fiction and toys. Fans will certainly be excited for another battalion of female Autobots - but it's probably time for some female Decepticons to even things out.

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Source: Hasbro

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