MediEvil Demo Arrives In PS Store Today, Awards Item For Full Game


Sony announced a demo for the upcoming remake of MediEvil during their PlayStation State of Play event earlier today. Originally developed by SCE Cambridge Studios and released on the original Sony PlayStation way back in 1999, MediEvil is a third-person action adventure series that sees players stepping into the boots of undead soldier Daniel Fortesque as he attempts to stop the domination of an evil wizard by the name of Zarok.

MediEvil received fairly positive reviews upon release, with many critics of the time praising the game's atmosphere and music. It has gone on to amass a small cult following of fans thanks in part to the unique designs of the characters and tongue-in-cheek humor that fits nicely alongside the game's historical setting, with the game's ambiance created to be a fusion of Capcom's Ghouls'n Ghosts series and the art style of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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During their 2019 State of Play video feed and alongside the announcement of The Last of Us: Part 2's release date, Sony announced that a free demo for MediEvil is currently out now in digital form on the PlayStation Store. Players that are interested in trying out the re-imagined turn of the century combat can download it now and when the full game is released on October 25th they will have access to Dan's Helmet, a special cosmetic item which does not appear to affect the gameplay in any way but definitely completes Sir Dan's ensemble.

For interested players who are unfamiliar with Dan's story and may be a bit confused as to why an undead skeleton is smacking monsters with one of his own arms, Sir Daniel was once a brave knight who, in the year 1286, died very, very quickly in a large battle with the sorcerer Zarok. Zarok was defeated in the battle and went into hiding, but he returned to the land of Gallowmere a hundred years later and used his necromancy powers to raise an army of the dead, also accidentally awakening Dan in the process.

Although it's been twenty years since the original game's inception, other recent remakes like the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy and the Final Fantasy VIII remaster have already proven early PlayStation titles can hold their own when compared to games of the current generation. While not as drastic a re-imagining as what is currently happening with Final Fantasy VII, the upcoming release of a finely-tuned, updated MediEvil surely has many nostalgia-prone gamers excited, and today's announcement of a free demo means that anyone curious about the title will be able to easily find out if they're excited, too.

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