'MeatEater' with Joe Rogan & Bryan Callen Airs April 28th

Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen’s much-talked about episode of MeatEater with Steve Rinella - which finds the two comedians in Montana for their first hunting experience - has finally received a premiere date, with part one of the two-episode special set to air April 29 at 9pm on the Sporstman Channel.

Although Rogan and Callen’s upcoming episode is currently in the middle of being edited, the show’s crew took to their website to update fans on the long-awaited segment, filmed last October. In the episode, Rinella is joined by Rogan and Callen for a 5-day hunting trip along the Missouri River, on a fair chase hunt for deer. Traveling solely by canoe and hiking, the comedians’ first hunting trip finds them tracking deer for 40+ miles in the frigid wilderness.

After three days, Rogan killed his first deer. You can watch him describe his experience below:

Callen - who was fresh off of filming Ride Along with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube - ultimately split up with Rogan to track his own deer. While you’ll have to wait for the episode to see more of Callen’s experience, you can see from the photo below that he didn’t come home empty handed.

For fans of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, it’ll be interesting to see how these longtime friends handle themselves in the wild, away from the microphone, with gun in tow and continuous reminders of the mountain lions around them. And if all goes well (and wouldn't it), perhaps this won't be the last time fans will see Rogan and friends make an appearance on shows outside of their wheelhouse.

With friend and fan of the show Shane Smith (co-founder of Vice) launching the first season of his HBO series on April 5 - which includes Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea - there's always a possibility that Rogan could appear in the show's second season - which it will almost certainly receive.


MeatEater airs Sunday @9pm on The Sportsman Channel

Source: MeatEater, Twitter

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