10 Mean Girls Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Pink clothing, whether butter is a carb, and October 3rd will forever remind us of the classic film Mean Girls. Released in 2004 and written by the amazing Tina Fey, the story of high schoolers navigating friendship and popularity will never get old. Sure, there are many movies and TV series that are highly quoteable. Almost every Seinfeld quote could work in almost any situation. But there's something special about the dialogue in Mean Girls.

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Fans not only recall these quotes so many years later, but they are the perfect material for memes. Here are 10 Mean Girls memes that are too hilarious for words.

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10 Dogs Are The Best

This Mean Girls meme is definitely too hilarious for words since it features Regina George's line about Aaron Samuels. After Regina says this quote, Karen asks, "Do you wanna do something fun? Wanna go to taco bell?" and Regina responds, "I can't go to taco bell, I'm on an all-carb diet. GOD Karen you're so stupid!" It's a classic scene.

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This is totally how all of us feel when we see our dog showing anyone else affection. Sure, we love that our pet is friendly and we know that they're so cute that everyone wants to pet them, but we can relate to this for sure.

9 Merry Christmas

Some people would honestly celebrate Christmas all year long... and then there's the rest of us, who don't understand why the holiday season basically has to start the day after Halloween. There's really no break between figuring out what costume to wear and then jumping into the time of year that features pine trees, ornaments, eggnog, and gifts.

This is such a hilarious Mean Girls meme since it perfectly embodies the feeling that everyone has in November and then a month later in December. While the latter month is way too early for the holiday spirt, December is a perfectly acceptable time to start decking the halls and singing "Jingle Bells."

8 Taco Bell Time

This amazing meme takes the previously mentioned scene when Karen brings up Taco Bell and Regina totally freaks out. Whoever made this meme is a genius and took things one step further, talking about getting paid and going out for a "fancy" meal. We love it.

Let's be honest: how many people spend a lot of their paycheques on food? Is there anything better to spend your money on? (That would probably be a rhetorical question.)

7 Disney Meets Mean Girls

Props to whoever created this hilarious meme that matches Mean Girls with some characters from famous Disney movies. This meme is based on the scene in the movie when Karen asks Cady, "If you're from Africa, why are you white?" and Regina says, "Oh my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white."

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The best part about this meme? This really does sound like a legitimate conversation that Ariel and Cinderella would have. We're so glad that we saw this and we're going to have to show it to everyone that we know so it can bring a smile to their day, too.

6 The Famous Phone Call

Many people can probably remember three-way phone calls back in junior high or high school. Sometimes, things go wrong when you think that you've hung up on one person and then start talking about them (and not saying very nice stuff). Unfortunately, most of the time, they're still there and they heard every single word.

This meme takes the famous Mean Girls scene when Regina, Cady, Karen, and Grechen are on the phone together. No one can tell who they've hung up on and so Karen keeps saying "Oh my god, she's so annoying" and no one can tell who she's actually speaking about. It's too funny and the fact that this meme brings The Vampire Diaries into it? That's comedy gold.

5 So Many Sappy Movies

Sappy and romantic movies are a guilty pleasure for many and we might not have even realized that two of the Mean Girls actresses were in them. Amanda Seyfried starred in Dear John and Rachel McAdam was in The Vow. What's even more of a coincidence is that Channing Tatum was even in those two films, too.

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This is another Mean Girls meme that is too hilarious for words since it plays off the scene when Gretchen doesn't get any candy canes.

4 Is Pineapple Pizza Good?

There are two kinds of people: the pineapple pizza people and everyone else.

While some swear that this is a delicious pizza topping, the rest of us are wondering why this was ever a thing. It's amazing that someone created a meme using the infamous Regina George quote "Stop trying to make fetch happen." While Gretchen swore that this was an awesome word, no one thought it was going to be cool new slang. It's definitely the same case with pineapple pizza. While some people in our lives will always order this (maybe with ham or pepperoni as well), we're going to stick to the classics.

3 Harry Potter Or Regina George?

It's clear that Mean Girls fans really love two things: creating memes... and the scene when Karen asks Regina to go to Taco Bell. Playing off that moment, this meme imagines Hermione and Harry talking about heading to Honeydukes, the candy store that everyone loves going to (and that fans definitely wish was real).

Mean Girls and Harry Potter in the same meme? What could be better? This combination works so perfectly that we'd love to see more memes that blend these fan favorite films.

2 Let's Stay Home

While the intelligent and funny quotes are what everyone remembers from Mean Girls, it's also true that the movie has a real heart. Near the end, everyone at the high school gathers together and starts bonding and vowing to become better people.

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This hilarious meme takes a photo from that part of the movie and adds a joke about not wanting to work out. Everyone can relate to wanting to stay home and skip that thing called exercise... even people who actually enjoy that.

1 Definitely

No one can forget when Regina asks, "Is butter a carb?" and Cady replies, "Yes." This funny meme takes that quote and jokes about pizza being considered a vegetable.

Honestly, we would say yes, it totally is. After all, you can put peppers, onions, and mushrooms on pizza, since those are classic toppings, and those are veggies. The next time someone mentions eating healthy, we can recall this hilarious Mean Girls meme and say that pizza counts.


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